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A Modern Approach to Car Wash Water Recycling and Pre discharge Systems

Enviroconcept provide a range of car wash systems to meet your needs, budget and also help you become compliant. We have systems that recycle 100% of all wash water captured as well as a range of approved and compliant pre-discharge systems.Enviroconcept, car wash, waste water

What Car Wash Solution Do You Need?

  • Need a compliant Car Wash Bay?
  • Leased premise and would like to take your Wash System with you?
  • Looking for a cost-effective Car Wash option?
  • Lease or rent a Wash Bay?
  • Looking for Flexibility and Portability?
  • Need to relocate your Car Wash regularly?
  • Don’t have a sewer to connect too?
  • Limited water supply?
  • Looking for an environmentally friendly Car Wash?
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Above Ground Car Wash System!

Our systems are adaptable to your Car Wash needs we listen to our customers and tailor solutions to suit. Whether you’re looking for a discharge to sewer system or full water recycling Car Wash system. Call us today and we will help tailor a solution to your needs 1300 66 11 30.Enviroconcept, car wash system, washdown

Retrofitting an Existing Car Wash bay?

Our systems can be retrofitted into an existing Car Wash relatively easily. Car washes generally have collection pits and oil/water separators in place. Our system will make use of the existing system without extensive changes.Only sump transfer pumps are added. Once the pumps are in place, installation can be within as little as one day.Enviroconcept, wastewater, washbay, car wash

Our approach to wash water filtration systems

How we determine what water filtration system you need for your wash bay ?
Selecting the correct filtration or recycle system for your wash bay wastewater treatment needs is critical. EnviroConcept ensure a thorough review of your individual site requirements, which is undertaken by our engineering team prior to recommending the most appropriate solution for your needs.Our process involves determining the following parameters when solving your wash water filtration requirements:

1. Primary Solids

During vehicle and equipment washing processes there are varying amounts of solids including dirt, sand, silt, clay and gravel that are produced. These solids must be collected along with the polluted wastewater in a collection system. This is generally achieved through an in-ground pit, or where portability is a factor, an EnviroConcept above-ground wash pad. The primary solids are collected and then transferred to an above-ground Solids Settling System for removal from the waste stream.Enviroconcept, wastewater, car wash system

2. Secondary Solids

In most wash bay applications there will be free-floating (suspended) solids that do not readily drop-out of the water in a settling tank. As a result, an active solids separation filter is necessary. Enviro Concepts provide a unique Continuous Media System (CMS) that acts like a cartridge filter but does not require cartridge changes.The EnviroConcept CMS filters the waste water to 5-microns nominal (with other micron ratings available upon request). By reducing secondary solids early in the filtration and wastewater treatment process, maintenance is significantly reduced on finer water filtration methods used later in the system. Enviroconcept, Continuous Media System, wastewater

3. Oils & Grease

If oil or grease is present in the waste stream it must be removed – most commonly to less than 50 parts per million (PPM). Consult your local Trade Waste Department for discharge limitations on oils, grease and hydrocarbons. Free-floating oils can be coalesced and then skimmed. Enviro Concepts use a coalescing plate pack system and an active oil skimming belt system to remove free floating waste oils from the water. Enviroconcept, OWS, car wash system

4. Organics

When you have a high concentration of oils and greases, light hydrocarbons, antifreeze, pesticides, organic nitrogen, soaps and other organics our Bioreactor is the answer. The Biomass inside our Bioreactor and our automatic dosing system allows for precise use of a Biological product for maximum digestion of waste within the waste water system. Enviroconcept, chemical dosing, wastewater treatment

5. Emulsified Oils & Grease

For emulsified oils, deep bed media filtration is required. Our approach to hydrocarbon removal depends on several things.

  • Are you using highly caustic soaps that emulsify the oils?
  • Are you using solvents such as solvent-based engine degreasers?
  • If the answer is no then our oil coalescing and skimming module should be sufficient.

Where heat, soaps, solvents or acid are used, oils are emulsified and remain suspended in the water column. It is then more difficult to remove. Our oil adsorbing media can reduce hydrocarbons to less than 10-PPM. By making multiple passes through the media, these emulsified oils can be removed.

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6. Heavy Metals & Re-circulation Systems

This final step can be skipped if no heavy metals are present in systems. When metals are present, we use a secondary polishing system with specialised media. By making multiple passes through the filter media (polishing) we obtain very good metals reduction rate. By filtering to this fine level, water clarity is optimized and maintenance is reduced on pressure washing equipment.

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