The Envirobath is a unique, inexpensive and environmentally friendly car wash detailing system.

Envirobath Benefits

  • No unnecessary construction/excavation of water retaining wash bays
  • No underground sediment pits
  • No site degradation
  • Secured lock up of Envirobath unit
  • Convenient no fuss site relocation
  • Constructed to desired specifications
  • No large outlay cost
  • No fuss same day set up and disassemble
  • No use of harsh or abrasive detergents
  • No damage to your surroundings
  • As near to perfect a recyclable system as possible
  • Low maintenance
Enviro concepts, car wash detailing

This allows you too

  • Provide a quick, clean and popular service for valued patrons
  • Continue to secure ongoing patronage of regular customers
  • Gain significant recognition for supporting a valued universal cause
Enviro concepts, car wash detailing

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