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The sustainability issue of the Mining industry depends mainly with its management of water as we suffer a crisis in terms of water resources. Population increases and climate change have changed the balance of supply and demand.

Water is an important component in all quarrying and mining operations. Hard rock miners use water in all areas of their processes whether for cooling their equipment or controlling dust, to separating waste from valuable material. Water production and protection must be the highest goal of any mining operation.

Mining also contributes considerably to water pollution. The most common issues related include:

  • Acid mine drainage
  • Increased sediment levels upstream
  • Metal contamination

EnviroConcepts compact convenient solutions

Managing all these problems requires dedicated professionals. EnviroConcepts is one of Australia’s leading water and wastewater treatment solutions and services provider. Not only can we help you manage your water adequately without impacting the environment and your operations, we can also help you optimize your water use and reduce your operating costs by providing wastewater treatment solutions.

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) extraction requires large volumes of water which need to be treated. EnviroConcepts wastewater treatment solutions can help you meet discharge compliance requirements.

EnviroConcepts, mining, wastewater treatment, recycling

Meeting the challenge

As water shortages continue to hit Australia, reuse and recycling is the only way to make mining sustainable. EnviroConcepts recycling systems produce high quality reusable water and our wastewater treatment solutions produce waste water effluent that meets all environmental discharge compliance requirements. Our systems are completely mobile and can be used in construction camps or in permanent mining sites.

EnviroConcepts, mining, wastewater treatment, recycling

Remote locations, varied contaminants in water, fluctuations in water quality and extreme environments are just some of the challenges experienced by mining sites. EnviroConcepts systems can be fully customized to deal with your operations specific challenges. Our systems are designed for fast installation and easy trouble free operations.

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