Transport Container Wash

Enviro Concepts believes in the importance of bringing high quality wash water solutions that are easy to operate and compliant with regulations. The quality of water used in commercial activities such as washing of transport containers and disposal of said wash water is regulated in Australia.

Commercial cleaning activities require the use of gallons of water and lots of detergent as well as other cleaning and disinfection chemicals. These substances are potential pollutants if discharged into the environment without pre-treatment.

Enviro Concepts reclaim systems are capable of recycling 100% of wash water captured. Each piece of our system can be custom designed to fit your needs and integrated into your existing systems. Our recycling system does not interfere with your operation efficiency.

Our wash water reclamation and recycling systems remove oils, fuels, grease and all types of hydrocarbons, soaps, waxes and other organic products to produce effluent suitable for use.

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Transport container hygiene

AQIS; Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is part of the department of agriculture. All container wash operations need to comply with AQIS requirements. EnviroConcepts employs state of the art materials of construction and manufacturing techniques that ensure our systems surpass requirements for durability, performance and pollution prevention.

From small workshops to large scale operations, Enviro Concepts provides cost effective easy to install AQIS compliant systems. Our wash down bays are retrofitted to meet AQIS criteria. EnviroConcepts also provides clients with approved AQIS discharge tanks that keep wash down bays authority compliant.

As AQIS is continuously updating their standards of clean, our systems are easy to upgrade and do not require more than a few hours to install.

Enviro Concepts AQIS compliant full reclaim systems offer up to 95% savings on mains charges

Enviro Concepts systems are environmentally friendly and can be retrofitted to your systems easily. Our extensive range of projects can be supplied as complex or simple depending on budget and requirements.

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