Water Use in Mechanical Workshops

Almost all the activities carried out in a workshop have the potential to release harmful pollutants into our water systems. Painting, washing vehicles, floor cleaning, and surface preparation activities such as wet and dry sanding generate pollutants such as:

  • Heavy metals from sanding
  • Coolant from engines
  • Antifreeze
  • Oil and grease
  • Chemicals from solvents and detergents and
  • Detergents from washing.

It is illegal to discharge water contaminated with chemicals into the sewer system. The water from storm drains flows untreated into our rivers, lakes and oceans. Protect the environment and prevent your business from being shut down or paying heavy storm water violation fines by getting in touch with EnviroConcepts today. EnviroConcepts provides workshops with cost effective wastewater management treatment solutions that are EPA compliant.

Reducing Operating Costs with EnviroConcepts

One of the largest expenses in mechanical workshops is usually related to cleaning engines. Combustion engines usually contain gases, sludge and carbon build up, all of which require different cleaning methods:

  • Solvents for cleaning grease
  • Acids for removing rust
  • Soap for cleaning soil
  • Soda blasting for stripping.

The after products from these cleaning methods require disposal according to approved standards. EnviroConcepts is one of Australia’s leading water treatment specialists. We have a range of systems designed to meet the waste water treatment needs of workshops. Our systems can help you recycle 100% of the wash water captured.

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Innovative system

  1. Envirobath

Detailing of cars involves polishing and cleaning to protect both the interior and exterior vehicles. A limited amount of oil and dirt is usually generated during this process. Sadly most workshop owners assume that this small amount does not require pre-treatment. Municipalities require that any water disposed of into the sewer system contain no oil or other contaminate that may be harmful to the environment.

The Envirobath requires

  • No construction
  • No site degradation
  • No fuss assembly and relocation
  • No use of harsh detergents

The Envirobath can be constructed according to your specifications and provides a close to perfect recycling system that requires minimal maintenance. Call EnviroConcepts today and find out how to reduce your operating costs while providing an environmentally clean service to your patrons.

2. EnviroConcepts Oil Water Separators

Oil water separator systems usually satisfy sewer restrictions. EnviroConcepts is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of oil water separators for workshops, car washes and body shops. Our wide inventory includes units that can handle 30 L/min to over 1,500 L/min. whatever the size of your business; we have the system for you.

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