Wash Pads & Wash Bays

Enviro Concepts portable, modular, industrial grade washpads can easily be retrofitted for any wash down operations across various industries. Our clients currently use our washpads to wash down all kinds of equipment and vehicles including, buses, semi-trailers, mining and earth moving equipment, trains, cars, engines, golf buggies, helicopters, boats – you name it!
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Above Ground Portable Wash Pads

Our portable wash pads sit above ground and can be easily moved and set up inside a warehouse or outside in a car park or any open space. They can be relocated easily if needed. The wash pads are incredibly strong, made from Galvanised Steel. We can configure them to suit whatever size and weight requirements needed by our clients
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Key facts:

  • Some of the key facts for our washpads are:
    • Sizes –Standard washpads are 2.4m x 6.5m (including a .5m gutter), however, they can be put together to create any customised size required by our clients
    • Weight rating –2T, 12T, 20T, 30T & 40T per axle
    • Side walls designed to contain over spray (Steel, Polycarbonate, Vinyl)
    • Side gutter collects runoff for water recycling or discharge to trade waste
    • 5 Year structural warranty
    • Quick to install (Installation can be completed in 1-2 days)
    • The systems can be relocated easily

Industries and Applications

Enviro Concepts portable wash bays can be customised to meet the needs across several industries and applications. Some of the industries we cater to are as follows:

  • Car washes
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Construction sites
  • Mine sites
  • Pipe wash
  • Truck & bus fleets
  • Quarantine and container wash down
  • Train wash
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Farm Wash Downs

Enviro Concepts offers both industrial and commercial line of portable washpads. Our commercial range is the Prestige Series 2T and Prestige 12T washpads that are often used by car wash, truck wash and bus wash facilities. Our structural modular washpads are often used by mine sites, construction companies and quarantine/AQIS wash facilities.

The Enviro Concepts Washpad Specification Sheets can be downloaded from our resources page.

Enviro Concepts, mine equipment washbay Enviroconcepts, truckwash, modular wash pad
Enviroconcepts, wash pads, wash bays Enviroconcepts, modular wash pad, truckwash

Enviro Concepts Closed Loop System

Our portable wash bay system can be easily accompanied by one of our wastewater treatment systems. The Enviroconcept approach to wastewater treatment and filtration are:

Enviro Concepts closed loop systems:

  • No Permits (for water recycling systems only)
  • No Council Approvals (for water recycling systems only)
  • No Trade Waste Agreements (For water recycling systems only)
  • No Delays

Enviro Concepts has over 10 year experience in constructing portable washbays for hundreds of companies across Australia. Contact us by clicking below and we will get you a Free Estimate on our portable wash bay systems within 24 hours.