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A Hydrocyclone is an Oil Water Separator that uses centrifugal force with no moving parts. It is frequently used as a pre-treatment device to improve the performance of downstream equipment such as filters and screens. Centrifugal separators are mostly used to treat wastewater and clean up oil spills in the sea, as they have a high flow rate.

The Vortex at Work in Centrifugal Oil Water Separator

A Hydrocyclone works by tangentially pumping the oily water into a cone shaped separator. This constant flow creates a spinning vortex and strong centrifugal forces which separates the high density water and solids from the low density oil and finer solids. The high density liquid will move to the outside while the lower density fluid and sediment will sit on the inside of the vortex. The clean water leaves through an outlet at the bottom, any oil and solid sediment is collected through an orifice in the middle of the separator and exits through an outlet at the top.

Centrifugal separation technology is used for industrial water treatment, municipal or environmental water treatment, for chemical and petrochemical refineries, power industry, and food and beverage industry.

Centrifugal OWS Hydrocyclones are versatile low cost and high performance devices. Enviro Concepts has a range of OWS solutions to suit your performance requirements and budget. Send us your discharge requirements and flow rates and we can create a free estimate for your business.

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