Casings and Pipe Wash

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Selecting the correct wash bay and water treatment systems for your pipe or casings wash is crucial. Some of the challenges that clients encounter for pipe wash include the size of the pipes, the contaminants in the wash water (due to exposure to high amounts of mud, grime, oil and grease), and retrofitting the wash bay system with an effective water recycling option. Enviro Concepts has successfully implemented several casings/pipe wash bay projects all around Australia. We have created purpose-built, environmentally compliant and cost effective wash bay and water recycling solutions for our clients with requirement for regular casings and pipe wash.

Modular Washbays

Enviro Concepts specialises in modular,  above ground wash bays. We can customise our wash bays for a pipe wash facility. Our portable wash bay system allows us to quickly deploy and install a complete wash bay with pre-treatment system in a matter of days. These highly durable wash bays are designed to hold everything from a light weight car to heavy trucks and mining vehicles.

For a pipe wash, the design of the wash bay is important. The size of the pipes (16 m long) and how they are loaded on the wash bay can be a challenging process. Enviro Concepts washpads can be combined with any number of configurations to create a perfect sized washbay for washing pipes. Our engineers structure and customise each washbay with the size, wall and ramp options required by our client.

Our Approach to Waste Water Recycling

Enviro Concepts ensures a thorough review of your silt requirements before proposing a wash-water treatment or recycling system. For several pipe wash projects, many of our clients choose a closed loop recycle system for water treatment with our washbays. However, water treatment discharge systems are also available as an option.

Enviro Concepts, Pipe Wash Bay

For our recycling system, we follow a simple process:

Solids Removal:

Enviro Concepts’ wash pads are designed to contain water from any size equipment you need to clean. The wash water may contain varying amounts of solids including dirt, sand, silt, clay and even gravel. Wastewater and primary solids drop into the wash pads and flow into our gutter collection system.

In a wash pad system like one for pipes wash, heavy solids may be present. In this case a solids reduction system is recommended by our engineers. In the case of our client with the wash bay system in the photos attached, we suggested a Solids Removal Continuous Media System.

Oils & Greases in Wastewater:

If oil or grease is present in the wastewater, the water needs to be treated through an Oil Water Separator, or in extreme cases A DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation). The Enviro Concepts wash water recycling systems can deal with both Free Oils and Emulsified Oils to ensure water quality for reuse.

Disinfection System:

It is important to sterilise the wastewater from pipe or casings washdowns. Chlorine based sterilisation is not always accepted for casings wash. At Enviro Concepts, we use UV based systems for disinfection and pH balance for casings wash facilities. The UV/pH controller is programmed to dose the system at parameters initially set during commissioning. Once the dosing rate is correct, operation is automatic. The system is therefore designed to run without an operator and only needs attention when alerted, or for regular checks from time to time.

For custom solutions for your pipe wash bays retrofitted with either a water filtration discharge system or our top of the line water filtration recycle system, send us your query for a FREE ESTIMATE.