Portable Wheel Wash

Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash can be installed in building and construction sites, mining sites and quarries to prevent dirt and sediment from being tracked off the site. A Wheel Wash helps reduce the amount of sediment transported onto paved roads by trucks. It is important to install the right equipment for remote locations such as mine and construction sites. The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash recirculates the wash water and it is therefore a self-sufficient unit for such sites.

Why Wheel Washes Are Important?

Building and construction sites generate sediment from production, traffic, dust from concrete, etc. It can be a major source of pollution to local waterways. A Wheel Wash can therefore help prevent harm to the environment.

It is important to identify the best location to place the Wheel Wash. Where possible, the entry/exit point of the site should be restricted to one stabilised location to ensure sediment is not tracked off the site. Choosing the site location and installing a top grade Wheel and Undercarriage Wash is very important for businesses to meet legal requirements.

The Enviro Wheel Wash

The Enviro Wheel Wash is a heavy duty, modular, drive-through system that is fully automated and activated by approaching vehicles through a photo electric sensor. It is a fully self-contained unit that has 3000L reservoir for recycled water. The Wheel Wash is often paired with a rumble grid that shakes off excess dirt and mud from the tyres as the vehicle enters the wash bay. As the vehicle passes through the Wheel Wash, multiple spray points deliver water jets to clean the wheel and undercarriage of the vehicles.

Standard Portable Wheel Wash

Our most popular Wheel Wash is the standalone, self-contained, portable system where no additional civils is required. This system can  be put in-ground and have it available at ground level or it can be accessed by ramps or customised with rumble grid ramps. The system washes both the inside and outside of the wheels as well as underbody of vehicle. The standard size for this system is 2200mm x 4850mm x 350mm, and it can be available in 12 or 20 Tonne options. The washing time is 20-40 seconds with the capacity to wash 700 to over 1000 trucks a day.

Enviro Concepts, Portable Wheel Wash


Standard Portable Wheel Wash with Upgrade

The Standard Upgrade Wheel Wash operating system has an added automated conveyor solids removal belt. The Wheel Wash starts washing with an automatic sensor. The wastewater is collected in a steel pit, which is an option available with this model. The size of this system is 2200mm x 5160mm x 1000mm with a capacity to wash a maximum of 1400 trucks per day (8 hours). This model is also available in 12 T and 20 T options.

Enviro Concepts, Portable Wheel Wash

The Basic Wheel Wash System

The Basic Wash Operating System has a width of 4400mm x 3710 mm length x 450mm high. It can carry heavy vehicles up to 25 T, like a heavy-duty dump trucks. It has a special grating base made by welded steel bars and steel plates that is very durable. There is no rattling when the vehicles pass through the washing bay. It also has a bottom slope through which the sludge is perfectly discharged out of the system and therefore this Wheel Wash can be used with an existing pit.

All the wheel wash systems have an average of 20-60 seconds wash cycle and therefore can wash 500 to over 1000 trucks per day, if required. All systems have the option for doubling up and creating a bigger area for the Wheel Wash.

Wheel Wash with Sludge Removal

Recycling Water

Both the systems are designed for re-circulation of dirty water per industrial standard (200L/min). Enviro Concepts can provide a state of the art recycling system to keep the Wheel Wash continually supplied with fresh wash water. This is an advantage for remote areas or areas where there is no easy accessibility to the sewer. It also helps save water and makes the systems self-sufficient.

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