Coalescing Plate Separators

Coalescing Plate Separator, OWS, Enviroconcepts

Coalescing Plate Separators are one of Enviro Concept’s most requested oil water separators to separate oils and grease, hydrocarbons and suspended solids from wastewater. They are enhanced gravity separators and use highly efficient coalescing plate packs to provide a cost-effective separation.

How Do Coalescing Plate Separator Work?

Coalescing Plate Separators have no moving parts involved in the separation process and there is very little chance that anything can go wrong with the treatment process. The simplicity of the process starts with the effluent entering the system. The configuration of the plates triggers coalescence. Small oil and hydrocarbon droplets come together as larger droplets. As the droplets increase in size, they are captured by the plates. They concentrate on the top plates and the oil rises as an oil layer above the plate packs, separating from the water which gravity flows into an inlet chamber of the OWS where solids settle at the bottom and the water is drained out.

The Coalescing Plate Separators are designed based on Stokes Law. The lower the viscosity of the effluent, the greater the rise velocity. The rise velocity of a droplet is directly related to the size of the separation system and it is therefore one of the critical factors that is considered when sizing a system for the client. Enviro Concepts systems can treat between 1000 to 30,000 L/hour, using Coalescing Plate Packs.

Coalescing plate separator, OWS, Enviroconcept

Applications for Coalescing Plate Separators

Coalescing Plate Separators can be used in mining workshops and wash bays, in mechanical workshops, petroleum refineries, power stations, service stations and for oil & gas storm water treatment, amongst other sites. They are often used in businesses that create commercial trade waste. They are used to treat industrial wastewater, washbay wash water (with degreasers) from various types of vehicle washes, from cars to aircrafts. They are also used in oil spill cleanup operations. Its application is varied and due to its wide range of capacities, its compactness, low maintenance and high performance, it is an effective solution for many businesses, big and small.

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