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Enviro Concepts Vertical Tube Separator removes free oils, mechanically emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater. Made of stainless steel, this Australian manufactured oil water separator is known for its durability and endurance. It uses Vertical Tube Pack (VTP) technology for facilitating superior flow characteristics.

Vertical Tube Pack Process

Vertical Tube Pack technology facilitates increased separation through the unique tubes designed to help the free floating oils to rise to the surface. When the waste stream enters the coalescing separation chamber, it moves through a matrix tubes which is the coalescing medium. Oleophilic in nature, they attract small oil bubbles which coalesce with other bubbles increasing in size and buoyancy and rises to the top through the tubes.  The solids in the waste stream settle down and are captured in the solids hopper underneath. The water then passes through a 100 micron bag filter before leaving the separator and gravity flows into the collection tank from where it is ultimately released to the sewer.

Some of the benefits of Vertical Tube Separator are:

  • The VTP provides efficient separation
  • It is capable of flow rates of 1000 – 200,000 L/h
  • It is self-contained and no power source is required
  • It has a big built-in oil storage
  • It is corrosion resistant and made of high quality stainless steel

Oil Water Separator Applications

The Enviro Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator is known for its performance, discharge quality, durability and endurance. It is used widely across several industries such as:

  • Automotive and mechanical workshops
  • Car dealerships
  • Panel beaters
  • Equipment hire companies
  • Transportation and equipment wash bays
  • Service and fueling stations
  • Water treatment of industrial process wastewater

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