Benefits Of A Bus Wash Facility

As a bus company, your buses are your major asset and investment. Buses accumulate grime, mould and dirt on their surfaces and require regular maintenance. Enviro Concepts provide purpose-built bus wash systems. Our wash bay and wastewater systems ensures easy, tailor-made solutions for bus companies.
Enviroconcept, waste water, wash bayEnviroconcept, wash water, wash bay
Enviroconcept, bus wash, wash bayEnviroconcept, bus wash, wash bay

Why An Enviroconcept Bus Wash System?

Are you looking for a bus wash facility that not only helps to maintain value of your company’s bus fleet but also helps the environment at the same time?

Enviro Concepts is the industry leader when it comes to wash bay systems for large vehicles such as buses and trucks. Our above ground washbays are an outstanding, ultra-modern and environment-friendly alternative to an old-fashioned, concrete bus wash bay.

Our bus wash facility is characterised by the following:

  1. Above ground, portable bus wash bays;
  2. Rapidly deployable to other sites if you have a short term transport contract;
  3. Local water authority approved & compliant discharge waste water treatment systems;
  4. Our environment friendly water recycle systems can recycle up to 100% of all wash water captured from each bus wash.

What Types Of Buses Can Be Washed Using Our Wash Facility?

We can provide bus wash bays for all kinds of applications, including:

  • School transport buses
  • Tour buses
  • Promotional buses
  • Private hire vehicles
  • Articulated buses
  • Coach buses
Enviroconcept, waste water, bus clean

What Size Fleet Can Our Bus Wash Facility Service?

Our bus wash systems have been engineered and manufactured to handle all fleet sizes:

  • Small Bus Fleets comprising of 1-30 buses (EnviroConcept manual wash water recycling plant or sewer discharge system will be used)
  • Larger Bus Fleets comprising of 30 buses and more (EnviroConcept fully automated wash water recycling plant will be used)
Enviroconcept, bus wash, truck wash

EnviroConcept Portable Bus Wash Systems To Meet Your Needs

Due to the design of our bus wash systems, we are able to provide our customers with a facility that is:

  • Portable
  • Fast setup
  • Cost effective
  • Above Ground
  • Fully automated or manual
  • No sewer connection required for water recycle plants
Enviroconcept, waste water, wash bay

Retrofit Your Existing Bus Wash Bay

Do you already have an existing location where you have your buses washed and serviced?

The Enviro Concepts wash bays are adaptable, -ground, and portable. They can also be retrofitted into an existing Bus Washbay area easily.

If your bus wash bay already has its own waste water collection pit and Oil Water Separator (OWS), then our wash bay system can integrate with it. Installation can take as little as three days.

Bus wash bay, Enviro ConceptsEnviroconcept, bus clean, bus washbay

Reasons For A Compliant Bus Wash Bay?

Our wash bay systems are sought after by many companies around Australia for the following reasons:

  • Leased premise and would like to take their bus wash system with you
  • Looking for a cost effective Bus Wash System
  • Ability to lease or buy an EnviroConcept bus wash bay
  • Looking for a portable wash bay in order to relocate regularly
  • Don’t have a sewer to connect to
  • Limited water supply
  • Looking for an environmentally friendly bus wash
Enviroconcept, waste water, bus washbay

Need A Bus Wash Bay?

The EnviroConcept Bus Wash Systems provides you with state-of-the-art equipment to protect your fleet investment and uphold your business image by providing you with a clean vehicle. We will meet your wash bay needs while staying within your budget.

Our bus wash systems are flexible and we make sure that our facility fits your needs and wants to a tee. We listen closely to what our customers tell us so that we can tailor specific wash bay solutions for their waste water needs.

Enviroconcept, electrical board, wash bay
Contact us today to discuss your Bus Wash needs. The solution will be easier and more cost effective than you think!