Multi Media Filters

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Multi Media Filters

Enviro Concept have a variety of ways to treat water. Filtration is a common way to remove the larger particles and suspended solids found in the water. Water filtration is often the primary stage of treatment before it goes through the desalination process as well as other water treatment processes. There are many types of filtration. The classic filtration systems used are Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, and Multi media (Deep Bed) and Cartridge Filtration.

Enviro concepts offer Multimedia Filtration plants that are suitable for treatment of surface water, storm water, waste water and tertiary treated effluent. Our Multimedia Filtration systems can handle water with a range of variables such as <15 NTU of turbidity and <30mg/L of suspended solids.

Full Multi Media Solutions

Multimedia Filtration can be stand alone or have additional steps to suit your needs by using the appropriate filter media. Our products have the capability to include additions such as iron removal, pH correction, sterilisation, colour and hydrocarbon removal.

Our systems are robust and able to work well in the harsh Australian environment. Our systems are also available in skid mounted and containerised versions to allow for greater flexibility in its use.

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