Bitumen & Asphalt

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Bitumen and Asphalt

Cleaning bitumen and asphalt from tanks and equipment used in construction is a time consuming and complicated process involving many complex issues. The sticky coating of asphalt and bitumen can take up to 4 days to remove and requires thousands of liters of water as well as significant amounts of kerosene.

For companies involved in the cleaning of bitumen and asphalt tanks, the high input costs of cleaning is usually compounded by having to dispose of the large volumes of wastewater generated. The wastewater has high levels of kerosene and bitumen which can cause serious environmental issues.

Cleaner cost effective production

Different industries require different types of equipment and these need to be cleaned at some point. Cleaning industrial equipment is however not as simple as everyday household cleaning. Different substances and materials require a different cleaning method.

Bitumen removal is probably the most difficult coating removal tasks. The bitumen removed can be settled, screened and filtered from the wastewater and recycled. Oil water separators (OWS) allow for the removal of much of the kerosene used in cleaning bitumen and asphalt tanks. Additionally, our wastewater treatment solutions including dissolved air flotation (DAF), continuous media system (CMS), lamella clarifiers, multimedia filters (MMF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) and disinfection (Chlorination and UV) allow for the recovery of water for reuse or safe discharge into the environment.

Our water and wastewater treatment solutions are fully integrated and provide a holistic service. Our team will investigate and identify the appropriate solutions for your company then construct and maintain easy to manage wastewater solutions that will save you big bucks and help to protect the environment. Our focus is on client service and economic responsibility that leads to sustainable improved water management solutions.

Enviro Concepts addresses the issues of wastewater through recycling. Resource depletion and sustainability is the biggest challenge in any business and no one understands these challenges better than Enviro Concepts. We will maximize your efficiency while minimizing your environmental impact with tailor made solutions

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