Construction Camps

Water use in Construction Camps

Construction camps usually house the workforce of remote manufacturing sites, mining, and oil and gas sites. The workers live in these mobile cities and require kitchens, housing and other basic facilities.  The majority of water used in work camps is used for bathroom and kitchen applications. Water is also used on washbays and on site. Enviro Concept can assist in providing several solutions.

EnviroConcepts Construction Camp Solutions

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater collected from downpipes and gutters can be used without treatment for irrigation, washing vehicles, flushing toilets. Treated rainwater can be used for drinking and showering. In work camps it can also be used in Laundry or heating systems. Rainwater harvesting allows us to store water above or below ground and enhance a building’s sustainability initiatives. Our multi stage units purify water and are designed for easy operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Construction camps, water treatment, wastewaterPotable water

Water suitable for human consumption or potable water has acceptable characteristics as defined by the Australian drinking water guidelines. EnviroConcepts range of water treatment products including lamella clarifiers, multimedia filtration, ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) and disinfection are fully customizable to suit your potable water needs.

Vehicle wash bays

EnviroConcepts portable wash bays ensure no water is wasted during the cleaning of camp vehicles. Our systems can recycle up to 100% wash water ensuring cost reduction and sustainability.

Wastewater treatment

EnviroConcepts systems can treat all types of waste water, whether from production processes or domestic applications. Our wastewater treatment solutions provide work camps with sustainable environmental protection solutions. Our systems are able to:

  • Produce potable water
  • Generate disinfected water from groundwater supplies, dams or rivers
  • Treat sewage
  • Recycle waste water for reuse

Construction camps, wastewater treatment, Enviroconcepts

Waste water recycling services

Some construction camps house as many as 3000 workers and considerable waste water is generated through every day activities making recycling an essential consideration for management. Our specialists design and deliver suitable collection and recycling systems to optimize water use.

Our approved systems treat water to the quality determined by authorities and provide;

  1. Oil and water separation

Removal of oil and grease from water

  1. Treatment of waste streams

Removal of toxic materials and metals from waste water before disposal or recycling

  1. Remediation for groundwater

Removal of metals and toxic materials from groundwater for reuse

  1. Waste water treatment plants for treating contaminated water for discharge of reuse
  2. Potable water systems

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