Storm Water

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Storm Water

When it rains, water falls on roof tops, on the footpath, on mountains; water falls everywhere. While some of the water evaporates, seeps into the ground or runs into streams and rivers there is still water that cannot seep into the ground. This water can build up and carry along with it rubbish, chemicals and other things. This water is referred to as storm water.

Storm Water can collect on footpaths or roads and is carried away through a drainage system. This drainage system is separate to the sewerage system and doesn’t usually require treatment. Some areas will filter stormwater, but the majority of the time it is just released into the waterways where fish and other animals live.

After heavy rain it is a common sight to see muddy storm water enter the clean waterways. You will sometimes have warning signs telling patrons to not swim in such areas for a few days while the pollution clears.

Storm Water Management

Storm water management can be carried out by everyone. This could be as simple as disposing of rubbish thoughtfully and ensuring that drains are clear of rubbish and debris. The use of rainwater harvesting can also diminish the impacts of stormwater. When using rainwater harvesting it is recommended to also install a diversion system.A Rain Diversion system will collect all the rainwater from roofs and footpaths and send to a water treatment system minimising the storm water entering the sewage networks. Recycled storm water can be re-used in a variety of ways including as process water for industrial plants, or irrigation water in the agricultural industry and in our own backyards. Storm water has more contaminants compared to rainwater so further treatment such as ultra filtration and reverse osmosis are required before it can be discharged to waterways or re-used. However, if the storm water is to be used for human consumption it is necessary for water to then be sterilised or disinfected prior to filtration to eliminate all harmful micro organisms present in the rainwater.

Finding the right treatment for your needs is important for your organisation in meeting the compliance requirements of Australia. With this in mind our range of storm water treatment products and rainwater diversion systems ensure you will meet your stormwater management and recycling needs.

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