Prestige Wash Pad Series

Prestige Wash pads, Enviro Concepts

Enviro Concepts commercial wash pads are ideal for washing a range of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and forklifts. The Prestige Wash Pad is a cost-effective wash bay solution for businesses. Available in 2 Tonne per axle or 12 Tonne per axle, the Prestige Pad Wash Bay can be used for all types of wash down facilities – from small spaces or indoors to large showrooms or sites. The Prestige Pads are modular, portable, cost-effective and they can be easily set up on site.


  • Wash Bay Size: 6 m long x 4.7 m wide, includes two 1.1 m wide walkways on either side of the Prestige Wash Pad
  • Optimal Walls: 2 m high polycarbonate walls to prevent overspray and contain water
  • Gutter: Centralised gutter in the wash pad collects wastewater allowing for float switch and pump control
  • Warranty: 10 Years Structural Warranty
  • Weight Capacity: 2T per axle rating for cars and light vehicles to 12T per axle rating for any truck configuration
  • Setup Time: 1-2 Days


  • Car and Light Vehicle Wash Down
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Trucks & Buses
  • Equipment Wash Downs


  • Modular, above ground, relocatable
  • The wash bay can be installed quickly
  • Enviro Concepts provides turnkey projects
  • Lease and Rental options available
  • Complete setup starts as low as $12/day


prestige wash pad, enviro concepts


The Prestige Pad comes with optional walls on 1, 2 or 3 sides. They are 2 m high to prevents over spray. Standard walls are the polycarbonate for this package, however, heavy duty steel walls or vinyl walls can be added, if required.


A Prestige Pad has optional ramps

  • Drive On Reverse O­ff: Set of 2 ramps
  • Drive Through: 2 x set of 4 ramps

The ramps are constructed with hot dip galvanised steel and weigh 50-150 kg each. Ramps are available at 2 Tonne and 12 Tonne per axle.

Dimensions are 2 m x 0.6 m (singular ramp). Top finishes include checker plate, rumble grid or shaker grid. We also provide sacrificial plates for metal tracked equipment.

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