Alex Winter

Alex Winter is the Director of Enviro H2O. He has spent the last decade advising and leading R&D teams, product development and design. He specialises in mechanical design, electrical and electronic design, electrochemistry, and fluid dynamics and has produced more than a dozen international patents He co-founded and developed the core technology to commercialization of Redflow Ltd, a publicly listed Australian company and world leader in electrochemical flow batteries. Alex holds a Bachelor of Engineering with first-class honours and a PhD in the field of mechanical engineering, both from The University of Queensland.

Michael Lambert
General Manager

Having nearly 20 years of General Manager experience Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to Enviro Concepts. Building on a background of expanding business opportunities and making processes more efficient, Michael has been able to, with the help of the rest of the team, make Enviro Concept’s products and processes better. His product development, distribution, project management skills allow him to work closely with sales & marketing, operations and with the R&D team, where we continue to grow new products and innovations for the company.

Gregg Thatcher
Marketing Manager

Coming from Australia’s largest credit union Gregg joined Enviroconcept with expertise in marketing automation and sales process design and implementation. By streamlining the sales process all team members now have the ability to work closely with new clients as they have a better understanding of client requirements.

Losita Bhattacharya
Communications Manager

Losita has over 15 years’ experience in Content Marketing & Communications. She has worked as a journalist, media marketing specialist, and in corporate communications in companies across USA and several countries in SE Asia . Losita’s involvement has helped Enviro Concepts build better marketing, sales and sales support systems.

Don Catuira
Engineering Manager

Don has a long career as a water process Engineer, and has worked everywhere from South East Asia to the Middle East. With a particular expertise in Reverse Osmosis, and Ultra Filtration Don is driving our product design and quality to higher levels.

Henry Mann-Carthey
Operations Manager

Henry manages our operations, including planning project timelines, coordinating our teams in-house and with client teams. He  is one of our senior technicians. He is a licensed electrician by trade. He works on organising our assembly projects, creates after install reports, works on maintenance projects and ensures our washbay and wastewater treatment projects are installed on site, in time and with highest quality.

Sachee Maroli
Product Designer

Sachee has several years of experience in Product Design and Industrial Design. He works closely with our Research & Development and Engineering teams on projects involving new product innovations. He also works on customisation and design of our wastewater treatment plants working with our engineering team.

Gnanavelu Selvam
Design Engineer

With 10+ years of experience in Concept Design, Development, Validation and Testing, Gnanavelu is a crucial bridge between our R&D, engineering and manufacturing departments. He is certified in Six Sigma, black belt and Advanced Lean Principles. that makes him an asset for our design and development teams.

Steven Forrest
Electrical Technician

Steven has extensive experience in the electrical industry. He designs the electrical systems and programs the controllers in our water treatment plants.Steven works with our technical team to facilitate process and project management. He also works hands on in the production process in house and in our workshop.

Mark Fitzpatrick
Product Design

Mark is a mechanical engineering graduate who is working with the research and development team. As part of this team he is responsible for the design and development of new products as well as improving the efficiency of existing products from both a manufacturing and operational standpoint.

Daniel Duncan
Senior Technician

Dan is a licensed electrician by trade and works “hands on” setting up our washbay and water treatment projects on client sites. He also works closely with project engineers to ensure that the highest quality is delivered through the installation of our washbay and wastewater treatment projects.

Jackson Wales
Electrical Technician

Jackson has extensive knowledge of the electrical trade, especially installations, testing, commissioning and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants, town water supply and coal seam gas wells. He is an essential part of our technical crew that installs our washbays, wastewater and water treatment plants all across Australia and New Zealand.

Warehouse Manager

Grant has several years of experience in warehousing, fabrication and plumbing and he is core part of the team that builds our water treatment systems. He also manages our factory and ensures that our products and parts are in stock. He is also responsible ordering products and dispatching our systems to our clients.

Warehouse Assistant

Chris has worked for several years as trades assistant and warehouse assistant. He works with the warehouse team and his duties include unloading and reloading our containers, spray painting and detailing, and preparing the shipment of our wastewater treatment modular systems.

Andrew Graham
Electrical Technician

Steven has extensive experience in the electrical industry. He designs the electrical systems and programs the controllers in our water treatment plants.Steven works with our technical team to facilitate process and project management. He also works hands on in the production process in house and in our workshop.

Antonio Alegre
Sales Manager

Antonio has 25 years of sales experience working in regional to national sales management role. Focusing on generating new business and growing strong business partnerships, Antonio works with our super sales and marketing teams to plan and implement campaigns, and develop solutions that are customer focused and achieve highest quality standard and delivery.

Bill Bennett
Business Development Manager

Bill brings his 30 years’ experience in the automotive, telecommunications and human resources industries. His expertise in sales and customer relationships management coupled with his solutions focused approach gives him the tools and temperament needed for the Business Development role. Bill is our first point of contact with clients and he works with them to provide the resources and information needed to succeed in their upcoming projects.

Sales Engineer

Adrian has experience as an electro-mechanical technician before moving into external sales, where he gained his knowledge in industrial water and wastewater applications through face-to-face visits on site.  Adrian brings this combined expertise to working with our customers, consulting on enquiries coming through our online estimate form. He also helps the engineering team process enquiries for tenders and large engineering projects.

Jessica Arnold
Administrative Executive

Jessica oversees all office administration and works closely with accounts, operations, manufacturing and sales. She works closely with our suppliers and vendors making sure that multiple projects are delivered on schedule. She also assists our customer service and coordinates sales and purchasing queries, liaising with our Business Development team.

Jaime-Lee Wescombe
Accounts Manager

Jaime-Lee oversees accounts and administration working closely with clients, purchasing departments and vendors. She has a strong background in financial accounting, auditing and financial analysis. In every business, cash flow is of utmost importance and Jaime-Lee stays on top of this for us and monitors our forecasts and projections.