Turnkey Packages

Enviro Concepts offers design, manufacture and installation of turnkey water and wastewater treatment plants. The two key turnkey packages we offer are the EL Water Treatment Recycling System and the SIOS (Solids Interceptor Oil Separator) Water Treatment Discharge package. The packages are containerised or skid mounted making it easy for installation and maintenance. We draw from the experience of our highly skilled engineers and offer you a water treatment package that has reduced footprint and reduced cost.

All our turnkey projects include:

  • Cost estimate
  • As-built drawings (3D drawings)
  • Electrical drawings
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Maintenance contract
  • Installation and Operations manual

The EL Water Treatment Recycling Package

The Enviro Concepts EL Series is a containerised water recycling system built to treat industrial wash effluents and remove suspended solids, oil and grease, BOD, COD and metals. The system is 100% collect and reuse – there is no discharge of the treated wastewater. The entire water recycling plant is custom built according to client specifications. It has low cost, small footprint and low maintenance without losing its effectiveness and process quality, producing high quality water for reuse.

For details on EL Series, please click here.

The SIOS Water Treatment Discharge Package

The Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) is a cost effective system designed to remove suspended solids, oil and grease from industrial wastewater. The SIOS system allows businesses to treat their wastewater to trade waste compliance requirements for discharge to sewer. This system is highly recommended for our clients in the car wash and light wash facilities, bus and truck wash downs and mechanical workshop wastewater. The system is skid-mounted and designed according to client’s requirements and local regulations.

You can access the specification sheet for both EL series and SIOS system here.

If you have a query on your wastewater treatment needs, please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.