Filtration Systems

Enviro Concepts, dissolved air flotation

Wash Bay Water Filtration Systems

Recycling System in Container

  • Triple Interceptor Systems
  • Pre-Discharge Systems
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Full Water Recycling Systems
  • Dosing System and OWS

Enviro Concepts wash bay water filtration systems include

  • Portable
  • Fast Setup
  • Above Ground
  • Fully Automatic or Manual
  • No Sewer Connection Required*
  • SIOS with OWS
  • Filtration and Recycling Equipment

Enviro Concepts Filtration and Recycling Equipment have been developed and tested by our in house Process Engineer to meet the highest standards of Australia’s strict water treatment guidelines. Our pre-discharge water filtration systems are compliant throughout Australia, and our Recycling units meet or exceed the Australian Health guidelines for recycled water usage.

Discharge Systems

The standard Enviro Concept discharge systems is skid mounted and able to handle 25 L/min or waste water. The system is automated, and able to hold and settle 1000L of waste water before processing the effluent through a compliant Oil Water Separator. If your site requires more settling or the ability to process higher volumes we can custom build off skid Discharge Systems up to 100 L/min.

Emulsified oil in waste water treatment

Solids Interceptor, Oil water separator


Recycling Systems

Enviro Concepts recycling systems start at a small 25 L/min and can be scaled up to over 200 L/min. Depending on the waste water that is being treated our Process Engineer will recommend one of many types of water recycling systems that we manufacture. Our base system is a mechanical filtration system called the EL-100. It has 5 stages of filtration with chemical dosing for pH and chlorine. We also build membrane filtration systems, Dissolved Air Flotation systems, or chemical filtration systems depending on your individual requirements and wash water analysis.

Enviro Concepts, Water Treatment Recycling

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