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Lamella Clarifier

Enviro Concepts Lamella Clarifier is a compact, high surface area Plate Clarifier engineered for most applications in wastewater clarification. It is engineered for high flow rate sedimentation and settling of flocculated wastewater streams. Our units are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested, ensuring reliable operation, minimising site installation and start-up time.

High flow rate sedimentation and settling in a Lamella Clarifier works by having a flocculated liquid/solid stream (e.g. raw wastewater, activated sludge mixed) flow upwards between inclined Lamella Plates. The flocculated solids tumble down to the plate surface by gravity and to a sludge collection hopper. The clarified water overflows through a weir that exits the top of the lamella clarifier.


Lamella clarifiers are utilized in a wide range of industries to treat industrial waste water where solid sizes and loading are variable.

  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Municipal waste water treatment
  • Biological purification
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Treatment of effluent in metal finishing
  • Thickening in mining related industries

It’s application includes

  • Wash Bays for Cars and Trucks
  • Mine Vehicles and Equipment Wash Downs
  • Mechanical and Panel Beating Workshops
  • Industrial Wash Processes
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Storm and Ground Water Treatment
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Grease Trap Waste Treatment
  • Food Industry Wastewater
  • Activated Sludge Systems
  • Sludge Thickening

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Enviro Concepts Lamella Clarifiers are engineered to efficiently remove solid particles from liquids and are a great substitute for traditional settling tanks. Inclined (lamella) plates provides the large settling area over a small footprint.

Lamella clarifiers can handle a feed water concentration of up to 10,000 mg/L of oil and grease, and up to 4,000 mg/L of suspended solids. Under standard operating conditions and with addition of coagulants and flocculants, lamella clarifiers can achieve more than 90% suspended solids removal. Lamella clarifiers have no moving parts which means that other than the inlet and sludge pumps, there is minimal energy input required.

Features include:

  • Coated Carbon Steel or Stainless 304 and 316
  • Anti-corrosion Treatment
  • uPVC Lamella Plates
  • Equal Flow Distribution
  • Consistent Laminar Flow
  • Durable and Compact


Feed Water Source

Municipal and industrial wastewater; activated sludge mixed liquor

Flow Capacity

5 to 80 m³/hr

Max. Suspended Solids

4,000 mg/L

Dry Weight

Approx 1.0 to 4.0 Tonne

Dosing Chemicals

EnviroCoag, EnviroFloc, EnviroBase, EnviroAcid

Suspended Solids Reduction

Up to 90% (with coagulation/flocculation)

Lamella Plate Angle

60 degrees

Lamella Plate Thickness


Lamella Plate Spacing

8-10 cm

Lamella Clarifier, Enviro Concpets, Clarifier

Lamella Clarifier, Clarifier, Enviro Concepts

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