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Water Treatment Recycling – The EL Series

The Enviro Concepts EL Series is made up of a variety of containerised water recycling system. The system is built to treat industrial wash effluents to remove suspended solids, oil & grease, BOD, COD, and metals. They are a high capacity, low maintenance water treatment and recycling system that we propose to clients looking to reuse their wastewater.

The EL Water Treatment Recycling Process

The Enviro Concepts EL Series is often integrated with our above ground, modular wash pads and wash bays. We customise the EL design and capacity of the system based on our client requirements.

A typical EL configuration would look like this:

  1. The effluent water enters from the wash bay into a Solids Settling Tank.
  2. It then flows into a process tank where it is treated for pH and disinfected with chlorine.
  3. The effluent enters either an OWS (Oil Water Separator) where oil is separated from water, or through a CMS (Continuous Media System) whose primary job is to remove solids greater than 20 microns from the waste stream, or both. Depending on client requirements, we may recommend only one, or the other, or a combination of both OWS and CMS.
  4. The treated water is then polished by pumping through a polishing filter. The Deep Bed Media Filter uses specialised media which effectively removes suspended particles greater than 5 micron in size, ensuring high quality filtered water suitable for re-use.

The most popular in the EL Series is the EL 100 recycling plant. System components can be changed according to client requirements and wastewater quality in a variety of flow rates from 25 L/min to 200 L/min. Check here to see what recycling plant configuration would suit you best.

Enviro Concepts, Water Treatment Recycling

The Industries That Require EL Series

Almost every industrial process produces wastewater that needs to go through some type of pre-treatment process. After treatment, the water is either reused, or discharged to a sewer. If high quality water is required for wash downs, a water recycling system is proposed. Some of the industries we have served are:

  • Treatment for mine vehicles and equipment wash water
  • Car wash, bus wash and truck wash facilities
  • Casings and Pipe wash facilities
  • Excavator and earth moving equipment wash facilities
  • Logistics and Hire Companies
  • Quarantine and Weed/Seed hygiene
  • Energy Suppliers and Resource Industry
  • Facilities requiring storm water and ground water treatment

When Should You Choose The EL Recycling System?

The consideration for a containerised, EL recycle plant could depend on either environmental or economic reasons, or both.

The advantages of our containerised, EL Series Water Treatment Recycling systems are:

  • Reduce water use
  • Cost savings versus water transportation and disposal costs
  • Low set up cost
  • No inground, civil work needed
  • Low set up time (we can install the system in 1-2 days)
  • Less paper work and compliance concerns
  • Increase ROI over long term use of the system
  • Reduce impact on environment

You can access the EL Spec Sheet from our Download Page.

If you have an active requirement for a water  recycling system for your facility, contact us for a free consultation and a FREE ESTIMATE.

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