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Technical Service Options

Enviro Concepts offers a number of Service and Maintenance options. These can be arranged during quotation process to ensure that you understand the full cost of ownership.

Scheduled Servicing

Basic discharge systems may require only a single maintenance visit once every 12 months. More complex systems that include Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAF’s) may require a service every 3 months with water samples being tested weekly to ensure quality. We will try to match your system with the appropriate level of servicing to make sure the system performs at its optimum.

If at any time you require a service to your system, we can arrange for our service team to attend site and fix issues that have occurred. We have systems all around the country that are serviced regularly so we may proactively arrange a service on your system when we are going to be in your area.

Remote Monitoring

We also offer the Enivroconcepts Remote Monitoring Services. We can maintain a record of how well your system is running via a stream of data sent directly to us, and analysed by our process engineers. Using our remote monitoring systems, we can solve problems before the start.

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Technical Support

We offer technical support over the phone to sites and guide you through issues as they come up. Our Technical Support is available when you need us. Our Support Team knows your system and can help you with anything from priming pumps to checking faults and issues.

If you need an upgrade or need to schedule a service, Contact us with your requirements.