Need a Budget Friendly Car Wash System?

A car wash can be something of a chore for many people. It’s time consuming, takes a lot of elbow grease – and you’re not too pretty by the time you’re finished. But hey, at least your car is, right? A lot of people opt to just get their vehicles serviced professionally, but this gets quite expensive when you look at it from a business perspective.

If for example you run a company that is dependent on cars or transportation, or you have a lot of vehicles that need regular servicing, and you are required to be compliant— then you might be interested in a complete car wash system: one that allows you to wash more than one car, regularly, efficiently, and legally.

Any number of reasons may also apply when looking for the perfect car wash system, one that can be customized to your needs. Because everyone’s needs are different. However, if any of the things below sound familiar, then you may need the Enviro-concepts car wash system.

  • Want a flexible, portable, above ground car wash system
  • Don’t have a sewer to connect to
  • Can’t be pouring out water continuously and need a waste water recycling system
  • Can’t be polluting their environment and require a friendly compromise
  • It’s just too much of a hassle to manually do all your car washing
  • You want to be done setting up in hours
  • You can’t be caught doing too much downtime
  • You don’t have a lot of hours to waste on maintenance
  • Leasing and can’t cut into the concrete
  • Can’t find an engineer or plumber to be hooking stuff up
  • Don’t have a big budget
  • Can’t afford to pay a liquid transport company to come and suck all the dirty rinse off water away
  • Want to spend a reasonable amount of money and still get a 100% effective bus car wash system
  • Need to be commercially compliant and above ground


Enter Enviro-concept’s Car Wash System: Powerful, Innovative, Automatic

Our Enviro-concepts car wash system does many things, but probably the most important aspects of it are:

  1. It simplifies the cleaning process
  2. It cuts down the time, cost, hassle, and water required for the task
  3. It helps you become compliant
  4. It is portable and convenient

Does the CWS in Car Wash System also stand for Can’t Wash Stain?

Cars aren’t considered heavy-duty vehicles, if you compare it to mining equipment or military vehicles or long hauler trucks. However, they can still be a tough challenge to clean!

You can be spending the entire day trying to remove mud, mould,  dirt, grime, dust, bugs, stains, deposits, sap, and a host of other debris that cars pick up whether in a rural or urban setting. You would need to pick out environment-safe detergents, and you would need to make sure your dirty rinse off water doesn’t go anywhere or risk getting fined.

Cars also need precise cleaning, because it has delicate parts that can’t be cleaned roughly with high-pressure systems or else damage will be done to the exterior. Among other things, cosmetic appearance is one of the criteria of a properly washed car and that means manually and slowly cleaning it!

Now we know this doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of fun, so we have Enviro-concepts car wash systems to do that dirty, tedious job for us.

Why our Car Wash System is Different

Our car wash system is above ground, modular, fully automated (or manual when needed), portable, cost effective, and most of all, you don’t need to be hooked up to a sewer or need a continuous water supply. Our car wash system has modular wash pads and an efficient water filtration system.

Put your mind (and back!) at ease and give us a call today. Put our car wash system to the test!


The leading Car Wash System, only from Enviroconcept.

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