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Enviroconcepts is Proud Sponsor of Wastewater Summit at Waste Expo 2018

Waste Expo Australia 2018 presents Wastewater Summit, brought to you by Enviroconcepts. VISIT US at the Waste Expo to learn about the latest innovation, technology, regulation and new industry developments in wastewater treatment. Connect with us at The Waste Expo 2018 Waste Expo Australia will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from […]

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals Coagulation, Flocculation, Disinfection and pH Control are essential part of wastewater treatment. Along with biological and physical treatment processes, chemical processes trigger chemical reactions to achieve various standards of water. Enviro Concepts will analyse client needs and recommend the right chemical dosing regimen for you in our water treatment discharge or recycle […]

Enviro Concepts’ Ozwater 2018 Highlights

ozwater 2018, enviro concepts, water treatment

Ozwater 2018 trade exhibition brought together some top businesses in the water industry with a display of a wide range of products, services, technologies and innovations for water professionals. Enviro Concepts’ showcase included our solutions in water and wastewater treatment and recycling capabilities. Enviro Concepts Expo Highlights Enviro Concepts is committed to save and protect […]

Enviro Concepts At Ozwater 2018

Ozwater, Ozwater 2018, Enviro Concepts

Ozwater’18 is Australia’s premier water industry conference, run annually by the Australia Water Association. Enviro Concepts will be exhibiting at Ozwater’18, sharing our capabilities in water and wastewater treatment. This year’s show will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 8-10 May 2018. Attending Ozwater Ozwater’18 brings together water professionals and businesses in water […]

Water Filtration with Membrane Technology – Ultra Filtration

Ultrafiltration, Water Filtration, Enviro Concepts

Membrane filtration has always provided a way to simplify and automate the water treatment process and at the same time enhance water quality. At Enviro Concepts, membrane filtration is a regular part of our industrial or commercial water treatment plants that we provide for businesses and communities, in Australia and around the globe. What Membrane […]

Enviro H2O at Wash Futures 2018

Wash Futures, Water Filtration, EnviroH2O

The Wash Futures Conference 2018 brought together the top minds, organisations, scholars and policymakers to tackle issues regarding global sanitation and hygiene. Held in Brisbane Convention Centre, the event brought together 350 delegates from 30 countries to take action on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 providing sustainable sanitation and clean water for all. Enviro […]