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Enviro H2O at Wash Futures 2018

Wash Futures, Water Filtration, EnviroH2O

The Wash Futures Conference 2018 brought together the top minds, organisations, scholars and policymakers to tackle issues regarding global sanitation and hygiene. Held in Brisbane Convention Centre, the event brought together 350 delegates from 30 countries to take action on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 providing sustainable sanitation and clean water for all. Enviro […]

Enviro Concepts in Australian Mining Review

Australian Mining Review, Wash Bays

Enviro Concepts was featured in The Australian Mining Review with a feature on Vehicle & Machinery Washdowns. Enviro Concepts has installed hundreds of modular wash bays and wastewater treatment plants at mine sites all across Australia. The feature showcased examples of our customised wash down bays. All mines in Australia have stringent requirements for wastewater […]

Enviro Concepts Water Treatment At Vietwater 2017

Vietwater, ,Australian Water Association, enviroconcepts

  Strengthening the Australia-Vietnam relationship, Australian Water Association facilitated the largest Australian delegation visit to Vietwater in November, 2017. As a part of the delegation, Enviro Concepts showcased our water treatment and wastewater recycling capabilities for Vietnam. The Vietnam Water Challenge Even though Vietnam continues to make progress towards meeting its sustainable development goals, it […]

Enviro Concepts Visits Vietwater 2017

vietwater 2017, Enviro Concpets, AWA

Enviro Concepts has joined the Australian Water Association delegation to Vietwater, 2017 at Ho Chi Minh City. With 42 companies representing Australia, this is a great opportunity to become aware of the water challenges in the region and share our insights gathered through our Research & Development over the last 10 years. The Vietnam Water […]

Stormwater Runoff Solutions

stormwater runoff, stormwater runoff solution

Stormwater is rainwater and anything the rain carries along with it. Once it is contaminated, it needs to be treated. Stormwater becomes polluted when it carries grease, oil, heavy metals and sediments from storage and processing areas into stormwater drains that feeds into rivers and lakes. As such, stormwater runoff is regulated by councils and […]

Plug and Play Oil Water Separator System – SIOS

oil water separator, Enviro Concepts

Enviro Concepts is a leading manufacturer of above ground, modular wash bay and wastewater treatment solutions. Enviro Concepts’ focus is on creating modular products that help our clients meet their requirements and allow them quick install time, save them labor cost and provide them with a robust, compliant system. The Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) […]

Wastewater Treatment for Car Detailing Businesses

oily wastewater, oil water separator

Wastewater Treatment for Car Detailing Businesses Just like other parts of your business, it is important to create a wastewater treatment plan for your car detailing business, or you can get caught in compliance issues. Detailers who have not planned the water treatment discharge properly could be breaking environmental laws and finding themselves at the […]

Advantages of Portable Modular Mine Truck & Equipment Wash Bays

Heavy vehicles & equipment in mining are used steadily throughout the day and may need to be washed regularly for heavy solids, dirt, mud, oils and grease. Keeping equipment clean is an essential part of mining operations. Enviro Concepts builds portable, heavy duty, modular truck wash bays for mining and construction industries. Working to resolve […]

UV Water Disinfection System

Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the most effective methods for disinfecting bacteria from water. UV water disinfection is a technology that uses Ultra-Violet light in the germicidal wavelength range (between 200-300 nanometers) to destroy microorganisms and render them incapable of reproducing. Enviro Concepts provides UV Water Disinfection System as part of their range of water […]