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Heavy vehicles & equipment in mining are used steadily throughout the day and may need to be washed regularly for heavy solids, dirt, mud, oils and grease. Keeping equipment clean is an essential part of mining operations. Enviro Concepts builds portable, heavy duty, modular truck wash bays for mining and construction industries. Working to resolve […]

Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the most effective methods for disinfecting bacteria from water. UV water disinfection is a technology that uses Ultra-Violet light in the germicidal wavelength range (between 200-300 nanometers) to destroy microorganisms and render them incapable of reproducing. Enviro Concepts provides UV Water Disinfection System as part of their range of water […]

Are you still hosing down your truck tyres on exiting the construction or mine sites? You can cut down your labour costs and time when you automate this process. The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash Series lets you do that and more. Quarries, construction sites and other industrial facilities must follow regulations designed to prevent tracking out […]

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, February 28, 2017: Enviro Concepts announced today that it has met the demands of the market for Portable, Above-Ground Wheel Wash and has increased production. Enviro Concepts is also working with its engineering and manufacturing teams to bring new designs forward in their product line while finding ways to reduce costs for their […]

Industrial Wastewater Recycling can play a very important role in reducing the demand on Australia’s water supplies. It can also increase profitability for businesses while conserving this scarce and expensive commodity. Enviro Concepts is a leading supplier or wastewater treatment systems to businesses across the country. This article explores the environmental risks and the benefits […]

Businesses that have poultry or livestock production facilities understand that hygiene and sanitation play a very important role in the prevention of spreading of disease. Vehicles that exit a poultry or livestock premise must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly as per compliance rules set by the councils and the environmental authorities. Enviro Concepts’ biosecurity wash […]

Over the years, the Wheel Wash has gained popularity as an effective way to automatically clean truck tyres and making the trucks compliant to be driven on public roads. The Wheel Wash does not only provide functionality and convenience, it also allows businesses to be environmentally and socially responsible, while accruing cost benefits for the […]

Professional car wash businesses are growing throughout Australia. As an operator of a professional car wash, what are your options with the dirt and chemicals in your wash water? How can you be compliant in discharging this wastewater properly and not raise any red flags with your local council? How do you prevent ground water […]

Enviro Concepts has several years of experience servicing the automotive industry. It is also Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial wash pads. In our experience, there are many businesses that require a wash bay for cleaning their vehicles and equipment but have a space limitation on their premises. These businesses are looking for a […]

The Wheel Wash is one of the most effective solutions for construction sites where environmental regulations do not allow trucks to leave the site with contaminants and dirt and drag in on to public roads. When planning projects, it is possible to manage risks by installing control measures. As a rule, various sediment interception and […]