Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

The EcoDAF (Dissolved air flotation Unit or DAF) clarifies water and waste water by removing suspended solids, oils, grease and other matter. Air is dissolved in the water to create Micro bubbles that attach to particles and solids in the water which then float to the surface. A motorised scraper system then scrapes the waste into a waste tank for disposal.

DAF system or Dissolved air flotation is widely used in treating industrial wastewater from a growing number of industries and applications like:

  • Vehicle & Truck Wash Stations
  • Transport Container Wash Downs Facilities
  • Pipes and Casings Wash Down Facilities
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery Wash Downs
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical and chemical plants
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Paper mills
  • General water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Dairies
  • Abattoirs
  • Cheese processing
  • Poultry processing
  • Tanneries

If your application is not listed please contact us.

The EcoDAF Unit is a superior, innovative and robust System now in Use in many Industrial applications around the World. The EcoDAF uses Flocculants and Coagulants and other chemicals if required for the easy reduction of BOD, COD, TSS, FOG, TKN, Phosphorous and various metals in your wastewater. Reduction of Bio-solids and algae is also achieved. Our DAF system can also be combined with our range of Water Filtration products to achieve a Total Water treatment System.

Design Specifications

Feed Water Source: Industrial waste water, wash bay effluent, meat processing effluent, etc.
Flow Capacity: 5 to 200 m³/hr
Max. Suspended Solids: 2,000 mg/L
Dimensions: 3.6m x 2.2m x 1.1m to 12.0m x 7.3 x 2.7m
Dry Weight: Approx. 1.5 to 5.5 Tonne
Power Requirements: 1.1 to 22.0 kW (for the pumps), 0.55 to 4.0 kW (for the air compressor)
Dosing Chemicals: EnviroCoag, EnviroFloc, EnviroBase, EnviroAcid
Operating pH: 6 to 10 pH
Operating Temperature: Below 40 deg C
Particle Size:  Maximum of 1.0mm
Suspended Solids reduction: Up to 95% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)
BOD & COD reduction: Up to 80% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)
Fats, Oils and Grease reduction: Up to 95% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)
Our DAF units are constructed from High grade Steel using a high quality paint system a Stainless Steel option is also available.

The EcoDAF can be supplied as a bare unit or as a complete containerised unit including all control and dosing equipment ready for use please talk to us about your specific requirements.

All sludge points on the EcoDAF are integrated into a single point manifold for easy removal and discharge. The EcoDAF is designed for easy operation and robust design at an affordable price. Please talk us about your specific needs and we will tailor a system to suit.

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