Deep Bed Filter

Enviro Concepts Deep Bed Filters are typically setup as the final stage of our filtration before the water is returned to the washpads.  After the water has passed through the rest of the recycling system the water quality is at a high level.  However there still could be solids in the water up to 20 microns, our Deep Bed Filters are able to reduce the particles in the water down to a nominal 3 microns.  The Deep Bed Filter is paired with a processing tank in the final stage of water filtration.  The Deep Bed Filter will process water at a rate of 130 L/min, which means it can process a 2000L tank in just over 15 mins.

When the application requires flawless water output (car washes, or car detailing) a double filter can be installed resulting in a higher level of water clarification designed for a spotless finish.

Deep Bed Media Filter, Filtration

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Filter Head

All of our Deep Bed Filters are installed with intelligent Filter Head units that are programmed to polish, backwash, control timing, and regenerate.  The filter heads are pre-programmed before they are installed and can be used without any interactions from staff.

Deep Bed Media Filter, Filtration

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