Convenient Water Recycling Systems

We know that making the correct choice for waste water treatment is vital. Filtration products should be reviewed thoroughly before purchase to make sure they are a good investment, and a good water recycling system should meet your individual site requirements. Enviro Concepts builds containerised water recycling plants that are used by mining companies, construction companies, manufacturing companies and councils to treat and recycle water. Our units are:

  • Above ground
  • Portable
  • Fully Automatic or Manual
  • Fast Setup
  • No Sewer Connection Required (dependent on local government requirements, site requirements or specific handling procedures/requirements of certain waste discharge).

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Different Types of Water Recycling

When you fill in our online form, we will be able to assess the process you would need for your project and make recommendations. The recycling process depends on what needs to be removed from the water and how the water needs to be treated. Your wastewater could contain:

  1. Primary Solids: This is when varied quantities of solids are produced during washing (dirt, sand, clay, gravel, silt). A collection system is required to gather up these solids. To address this, a pit is generally dug below ground. You can also use an Enviro Concepts wash pad or wash bay that is modular and above-ground, and much more convenient. When using the latter method, the solids are transferred to an Above Ground Solids Settling System after being collected.
  2. Secondary Solids:  Sometimes there are free-floating or suspended solids that don’t immediately sink into a settling tank for collection. This requires a separation filter, and Enviro Concepts addresses this with a Continuous Media System (CMS). It’s similar to a cartridge filter – but you don’t need to change the cartridge. The CMS comes with filter paper (5-micron default size, other micron sizes available).  Limiting fine solids early on in the process helps remove the need for maintenance later on (where a more specific filtration method is needed to pick out fine solids).
  3. Oils and Grease: To effectively remove oil and grease to less than 50 parts per million (PPM), Enviro Concepts utilises an active oil-skimming belt to remove free floating oils.
  4. Organics: Enviro Concepts’ Bioreactor (containing Biomass) addresses high concentrations of oils and greases, pesticides, organic nitrogen, soaps, light hydrocarbons, antifreeze and various other organics. Biomass contained in the Bio-reactor cultivates surface area to increase Bug growth. After which an automatic dosing system releases the biological product into the waste water system after calculating the optimal digestion rate.
  5. Emulsified Oils & Grease: Our oil adsorbing media can reduce hydrocarbons to less than 10-PPM. By making multiple passes through the media these emulsified oils can be removed.
  6. Heavy Metals & Re-circulation Systems: Enviro Concepts uses a secondary polishing system with specialised media for metals present in the wash. Multiple passes through the filter media, also referred to as ‘polishing’, helps us obtain a great metal reduction rate. This essentially means that by filtering to such a fine level, we optimise water clarity, get the most metals out, and we don’t have to spend a lot of downtime on maintenance of pressure-washing equipment.

We’ve got Water Recycling down to a science here at Enviro Concepts. Contact us today for a Free Quote.