Bus Wash System

Enviro Concepts Bus Wash Systems Handle a Wide Range of Bus Types

Whether you’re a startup company with a small fleet of 30 or fewer buses, or a large business with an equally large fleet, Enviro Concepts bus wash systems are guaranteed to handle pretty much almost any bus type. From

  • Promotional buses
  • Tour buses
  • Articulated buses
  • Coach buses
  • Transport buses
  • School buses

Enviro-concepts bus wash systems are able to cater to each size and surface type.

Fast, Manual or Automated Bus Wash Systems Fit Your Needs

Enviro concepts Bus Wash systems are portable, above ground, set up in hours, require no sewer connection, and are flexible and fit your needs. We know that a spotless vehicle reflects upon a company and is also a legal obligation in some cases. We know that a bus is a big investment and that upkeep and maintenance is a major part owning one.

Enviro Concepts’ innovative bus wash systems help you become compliant without the hassle of hand-washing everything yourself. Even though buses can take a lot of wear and tear, especially on the road and in adverse weather conditions, picking up all sorts of grime, dust, dirt, debris and other tough to remove foreign matter –our bus systems were designed to handle even the grimiest equipment and vehicles.

Modern, Innovative Bus Wash Systems

Two processes are at the heart of Enviro Concepts bus wash systems: Water Recycling and Pre-Discharge Systems. Our modern approach and environmentally-conscious stance is a big factor in becoming compliant without the hassle of cutting into concrete or requiring a sewer hookup. Our bus wash system is able to recycle up to 90% of all wash water, allowing us to use it over and over again. The water loss is minimal, and due to evaporation. Because the bus wash system’s water level detector is automatic, this makeup water is immediately compensated for.

Looking For The Perfect Bus Wash System?

Don’t buy it and then tweak it to your liking. Get one tailored especially for you.

There are many reasons why clients look for our Bus Wash Systems:

They’re on a leased premise and can’t be cutting into the concrete, they need a compliant bus wash system, they want a cost effective solution, they need it to be flexible, stackable, modular or portable because their business or operation is mobile, they need to relocate a lot, their hours require that they set up on the spot, they can’t find sewer to hook up to, they can’t have a continuous water supply, or want a more environmentally-conscious bus wash system.

Whatever the reason, Enviro Concepts is committed to creating a bus wash system to handle all of that according to the client’s situation. Our modern, state of the art equipment will definitely protect any investment and help businesses move forward, especially when it’s cutting down on the maintenance required by dirty, inoperable vehicles.

Raise the functionality and aesthetic of your buses one step higher by using Enviro Concepts Bus Wash Systems.

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