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Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the most effective methods for disinfecting bacteria from water. UV water disinfection is a technology that uses Ultra-Violet light in the germicidal wavelength range (between 200-300 nanometers) to destroy microorganisms and render them incapable of reproducing. Enviro Concepts provides UV Water Disinfection System as part of their range of water […]

The Wheel Wash is one of the most effective solutions for construction sites where environmental regulations do not allow trucks to leave the site with contaminants and dirt and drag in on to public roads. When planning projects, it is possible to manage risks by installing control measures. As a rule, various sediment interception and […]

Trade waste is any liquid or wastewater produced by an industrial or commercial activity at any business premises. Liquid waste or trade waste must conform to councils set limits to be accepted for discharge to sewer. For businesses that generate oily wastewater, an oil water separator can be an effective and economical way to treat […]

If you are in the car washing industry, if you have a fleet of light vehicles that have to be washed daily for service, maintenance or aesthetics, then choosing the right washbay can be a very important decision for you. The three big criteria when choosing your washbay are Design, Return on Investment and Compliance. […]

The Australian red meat processing industry is a significant consumer of fresh water and a high producer of wastewater. Drought and resulting water restrictions cause enormous pressure on processing plants to reduce water consumption. Along with restrictions, costs around wastewater disposal makes it essential for businesses in this industry to carefully choose their wastewater treatment […]

Water filtration systems can differ based on incoming effluent and the purity required of the output water. Two types of water treatment systems which are common in effective water processing and treatment for industries are particle filtration and membrane filtration. In this second part of the filtration series, we will look at a few processes […]

Growing global demand for clean water and increasing environmental concerns make membrane filtration the technology of choice for several industries looking for efficient ways to treat their wastewater. In fact, wastewater reuse and recycling market is one of the highest growing markets in the water industry. Membrane filtration is one of the key applications for […]

Going through a lot of Chemicals? If you find that you are going through a lot of chemicals in your recycling system it could be that you need a “buffered” wash product. EnviroConcepts is Australia’s first choice in portable washpads and washbays.  EnviroConcepts manufactures and supplies water recycling units and compliant water filtration systems all […]