Equipment Washing System

Figuring out a decent equipment washing system for your specific needs doesn’t need to be a headache, but for some people, it can be.

It might be that you’re on a tight budget, so costlier solutions are out of the question. Perhaps you’re conducting operations in areas where a continuous supply of water is not present, such as in the outback.

Maybe you’re just leasing surfaces and you are not allowed to cut into the concrete. Maybe you’re not able to secure a lodging application from the local council, or get an engineer to draw up hydraulics, or get a plumber to hook everything up. Headache indeed.

Enviro-concepts realizes the need to cut out all the inconvenience and just get straight to a solution that works.


Enviro-concepts and its efficient Equipment Washing System

The efficient equipment washing system at Enviro-concepts is composed of

• Modular Wash Pads and
• Water Filtration Systems


We offer complete water recycling solutions.

1. Discharge to storage tank – we offer this for those with low volume requirements, where water is sucked out by a liquid transport company. Costs can pile up with this option, so we recommend it for small applications.

2. Pre-discharge filters/SIOS – for those planning to discharge waste, and for small to medium applications. We extract the oil and grease to a level that is allowable for discharging to a sewer or a compliant level. Again, this option may not be applicable to areas being leased, lacking in a continuous water supply, or require a zoning permit.

3. Double Polishing System/DPS a.k.a Waste Water Recycling System – Our wash water recycling plant recycles the water that comes off the wash bay or wash pad. Because water is reused over and over again, this negates the need for a continuous water supply, having to get a transport company to come take the water away, or having to figure out hydraulics, plumbing and engineering for hooking it all up to a sewer. Up to 90 percent of all wash water is recycled and filtered so as to be usable all day.


Enviro-concepts Wash Pads and Wash Bay construction create the foundation of a good Equipment Washing System

• Sturdy Materials – from the smallest 2T equipment to the largest 100T behemoths, Enviro-concepts is able to provide equipment washing systems for all situations. Heavy duty construction allows for heavy duty applications, and sturdy materials ensure that everything will do the job as required with no hitches. Ratings mark 40T per axle!

• Modular

• Design independent (set it up based on your equipment)

• Totally portable

• Fast setup (be done in hours, not days)

• Rubberized padding for tracked equipment


Each wash pad or bay will be customized in terms of width, weight capacity (the load it can take), length and the kind of treatment plant.


The only Equipment Washing System of its Caliber, contact us today. EnviroConcept (1300 66 11 30)