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Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash Video

Are you still hosing down your truck tyres on exiting the construction or mine sites? You can cut down your labour costs and time when you automate this process. The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash Series lets you do that and more. Quarries, construction sites and other industrial facilities must follow regulations designed to prevent tracking out […]

EnviroConcept Wash Bay Technology Leads The Way

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Wash Bay Technology Leads The Way EnviroConcept is Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of environmentally friendly, portable wash bays for 4WD’s, trucks, buses, pipes, shipping containers & heavy equipment. The result….a turn-key, portable washbay and wash-water recycle plant that is fast to install, environmentally friendly, cost-effective to operate and an asset that can be […]

Wheel Bath System

Wheel Bath System Wheels tend to attract more debris than any other parts of a vehicle. This is especially true for big trucks that deliver a lot of powdered or granular materials, and also those around construction and green field projects where dirt and mud are in abundance. The main issue is generally pollution to the […]

Portable Wash Bays Explained

What Are EnviroConcept Portable Wash Bays? There is no longer a need to construct washbays out of concrete and discharge the polluted wash water into the environment. Enviro Concepts portable wash bays and wash water recycle systems not only provide businesses with a compliant and environmentally friendly option, it also provides product and cost benefits […]

Benefits Of An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay

Why An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay? EnviroConcept is often asked by new, prospective clients to explain the benefits of utilising a portable washbay solution. This is a common question as they are used to working with traditional, concrete washbay and wash-water discharge systems. Listed below are the significant operational, finanacial and environmental benefits you can achieve […]

Portable Washbays and Water Recycling Systems

Enviroconcept’s Washbay and Recycling Systems Over the past decade the requirement for in-ground concrete washbays has been replaced by a new portable version. These new portable washbays are designed to reduce the impact on the local environment and allow the washbay to be reused at multiple sites. The portable washbays are designed for easy installation […]

Washbay Deployment for Mining and Construction

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The Deployment of Washbays for Mining & Construction EnviroConcept washbays are manufactured as an alternative to traditional fixed concrete washbays. The demand for portable washbays has increased over the years and is now a necessity on many job sites as the permanent environmental impact must be kept to a minimum. We often come across sites […]

The Perfect Wash Bay System for Heavy Trucks

Wash bay solutions for your heavy vehicles The professional image of your company withstanding often the cleanliness of your vehicles is mandated by compliance. Enviroconcept specialises in portable wash bays for cleaning your cars, light vehicles, and everything up to large heavy trucks. Our wash bays are fully equip with water recycling (or EPA compliant […]