The Perfect Wash Bay System for Heavy Trucks

Wash bay solutions for your heavy vehicles

The professional image of your company withstanding often the cleanliness of your vehicles is mandated by compliance. Enviroconcept specialises in portable wash bays for cleaning your cars, light vehicles, and everything up to large heavy trucks. Our wash bays are fully equip with water recycling (or EPA compliant water discharge units).
We use the highest quality water polish and filtration systems in order to guarantee that the water is a high enough quality to reuse within our systems. By producing high quality clean water you can be assured about your wash quality. We have built a reputation in our industry for building quality products with the latest equipment and pumps.

If you are operating a business and require your heavy trucks to be washed regularly, Enviroconcept can provide you with an EPA compliant wash bay that is portable and trouble free. Whether it is a fully recycling system or an EPA approved discharge unit Enviroconcept’s wash bays are designed to wash heavy trucks, collect all of the water, and filter that water. Our wash bays can be operated by a single operator or by multiple operators depending on your requirements.

Proficient Wash Bay Workers

Our wash bays require limited training to operate effectively. All of your employees will be able to wash your heavy trucks in line with onsite Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Our wash bays can also allow you to wash the any part of your truck. With Oil Water Separators (OWS) systems cleaning oil and grease off of your truck will not affect your water quality.

Above Ground Washing Method

The largest benefit of our systems is that they are 100% portable and above ground. If your location is going to change over time our wash bays can easily fit on the back of a truck and move to your new location. This is particularly beneficial to mining projects which have a limited life span and move frequently. Your wash bay now becomes an asset that can move with you to your new job site.

Re-utilize the Existing System

If you have an existing wash bay and want to make it EPA compliant we can help with that too. Our recycling and discharge units can be fitted to your wash pads as long as there is access to your water runoff and access to a freshwater supply* and power.

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*Freshwater supply for a fully recycling systems is limited as the system reuses the wash water.