Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash Video

Are you still hosing down your truck tyres on exiting the construction or mine sites? You can cut down your labour costs and time when you automate this process. The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash Series lets you do that and more.

Quarries, construction sites and other industrial facilities must follow regulations designed to prevent tracking out mud, dirt and dust on public road. Dirt, clay and mud from such sites can get stuck in the wheel and underbody of trucks that leave these sites and there is a high possibility of contaminating the public roads. This can lead to cracked windscreen, chipped paintwork, unsightly roadways and environmental pollution of surrounding waterways.

In areas that encroach residential and commercial development around industrial sites, there is a  demand for ensuring that contamination & track-out is prevented. The costs of pollution control and the regulations set by the EPA and councils makes it compelling for companies to look at preventive measures. The Enviro Concept Wheel Wash is a cost-effective and efficient solution for such companies.


The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash

Enviro Concepts provides automated, modular Wheel Washes for quarries, mine sites, construction sites and industrial sites. These modular wheel washes are constructed in our workshop and shipped to locations around Australia.

Enviro Concepts has 3 standard designs that it currently supplies to clients. All three models are sensor operated, automatic Wheel Washes. As the truck enters the system, the sensor activates high pressure spray jets on both sides and the bottom of the Wheel Wash. The truck moves slowly through the system as the wheels and underbody are washed.

The Wheel Wash system comes with optional ramps. These ramps have a rumble grid finish to shake off excess dirt and mud from truck tyres before the vehicle enters the washbay and makes the cleaning process more efficient.

The EL Water Recycling Plant

The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash system can be paired with our containerised EL Wastewtaer Recycling Plant. This containerised plant is modular, portable and can be placed into any remote location and work with minimum maintenance.

Stormwater and council regulations in most parts of the country stipulate that water needs to be collected and treated before discharge. The two options available are to filter the water for discharge or recycle the water for reuse. Depending on how much water needs to be processed and how many trucks are washed each day, we can suggest cost-effective methods of treatment and disposal.

Benefits of Enviro Wheel Wash

The Enviro Wheel Wash is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. It is portable, functional, durable, powerful, efficient. Being modular and portable, it can be set up in mine sites or constructions sites across Australia and even in remote locations. The installation of the Wheel Wash usually takes 1 to 2 days including the training and handover.

Enviro Concepts has raised the production of their Wheel Washes due to the rise of demand in the market. It has also introduced a special pricing for our clients who are looking for a wheel wash. If you are looking for a Wheel Wash or have questions, please contact us through this online estimate form.