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Dugald River Mine – Case Study

Dugald River is a zinc, lead and silver mine development project in North-West Queensland, Australia. When operational, it is positioned as one of world’s top ten zinc mines. Enviro Concepts, owned by Enviro H2O Pty Ltd, recently completed a project with Epoca Constructions for the Dugald River Mining Project. The project involved building the wastewater […]

Customised Wash Bay For Equipment Wash – Kennards Hire Case Study

Kennard Hire, Equipment Wash Bay

Customised Wash Bay For Equipment Wash – Kennards Hire Case Study Enviro H2O is a leading manufacturer of portable washbays. Over the last decade, we have provided customised, portable, modular washbay and wastewater treatment solutions to businesses all over Australia. One of our clients, Kennards Hire, wanted an efficient washbay solution to clean their equipment. […]

Algae Control and Algae Maintenance in Ponds

Wherever water is being stored, algae problems might occur.  Stagnant water with high temperature or high concentration of Nitrates and Phosphates has the possibility of creating algae bloom. Green algae can make the water unclear and blue-green algae can cause foul odour and even pose a health risk. It is therefore important for pond owners […]

Case Study – Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) provides leadership for the growth and sustainable development of food, fibre, fishing and forestry industries. Enviro Concepts provided a portable washbay and water recycling plant for a DAF research facility in Mareeba. The project was for washing cars and traybacks for weed and seed hygiene. Enviro Concepts worked […]

Case Study: Customised Wash Bay Design

Enviro Concepts, truck wash bay

IIuka is a major international mineral sands resource company. It is involved in the exploration, project development, operations and marketing of mineral sands products. Enviro Concepts was assigned to custom build an industrial, heavy vehicle and truck wash bay for their site at Hamilton, Victoria. The project required structural and design customisation and had to […]

AQIS Quarantine Washbay and Water Treatment

AQIS, Quarantine, washbay, enviro concepts

Our client, who is contracted by a major Australian freight company had a requirement for an Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) approved washbay. There were 3 primary requirements that this client gave us: AQIS has a minimum requirement for containment of the effluent and therefore the wash bays had to meet AQIS standards.The client wanted […]

Contaminated Storm Water Treatment and Reuse

Stormwater, storm water, enviro concepts

Our client, is an aluminum smelting plant and was collecting surface water runoff with high levels of contaminants in their 4 Million Litre stormwater collection pond. The agreement with EPA local authorities allowed them to discharge water at a cost, as long as it was filtered to an acceptable level of impurities. The main concern and challenge was to maintain or lower […]

Bitumen Asphalt Water Treatment

Enviro Concepts, Bitumen, Asphalt, wastewater

Enviro Concepts is a leading manufacturer of modular, above-ground washbays and wash down wastewater treatment. For one of our clients, we created a purpose-built, environmentally compliant system for their asphalt/bitumen equipment and truck wash down wash bay. In this case study, we look at some of the challenges that our system solved and highlights from […]