EnviroConcept Wash Bay Technology Leads The Way

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Wash Bay Technology Leads The Way

EnviroConcept is Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of environmentally friendly, portable wash bays for 4WD’s, trucks, buses, pipes, shipping containers & heavy equipment.

The result….a turn-key, portable washbay and wash-water recycle plant that is fast to install, environmentally friendly, cost-effective to operate and an asset that can be repeatedly re-deployed from site to site.

High profile mining, oil & gas and construction companies around Australia are purchasing EnviroConcept portable washbays to achieve significant environmental and financial benefits. Enviroconcept clients include… Agility (Chevron Projects), Boral, Cockatoo Coal, Coates Hire, Decmil, Halliburton, ITT Blakers, Leighton Contractors, MacDonald Johnston, Mermaid Marine, Nepean Conveyors, Santos, Sulzer, Toll Energy, UGL Balfour Beatty, Wacker Neuson, Xstrata and many more.

The days of companies transporting and pouring expensive concrete to build in-ground washbays only to demolish them at the end of a project or lease are numbered due to the revolutionary EnviroConcept portable washbay and wash-water recycle system.


How The EnviroConcept Wash Bay Technology Was Born

Conceived in the midst of one of Australia’s worst droughts, the Enviroconcept technology has been developed to provide world-class environmentally sustainable washbay and wash-water recycling solutions for the mining, oil & gas and construction industries.

Initially the company was focused on delivering environmental services with the company directors developing an environmental high pressure washing system to service high profile built-asset clients. As word spread about the water recapture, recycle and re-use technology they had developed, councils, construction companies, mining companies and all kinds of other businesses around Australia that had vehicles & equipment that needed washing started to call about purchasing the systems for themselves.

Within a few years, the company grew rapidly and today it designs, manufactures and installs environmentally friendly, above-ground washbays and wash-water recycle plants for some of Australia’s largest companies and organisations.


Humble Beginnings To Industry Leader For This Australian Company

From these humble beginnings, EnviroConcept has gone on to establish itself as the Australian leader in above-ground, portable wash bays and wash-water recycling plants (which are designed to be used in conjunction with each other). The company is proud to design, develop and manufacture all of its washbay and wash-water recycling technologies right here in Australia.

EnviroConcept is still run by its founding directors who started the business with a genuine sensitivity to environmental issues and passion for developing creative technologies that would help to solve these environmental issues. In light of this they developed the EnviroConcept Washbay and Wash-Water Recycle technologies based on a fusion of three major trends they saw emerging…

  1. The scarcity and increasing cost of one of our most precious resources – fresh, clean water.
  2. The fact that traditional vehicle & equipment washbays and washing practices they witnessed first-hand in the mining & construction industry were outdated and in many cases didn’t actually meet current environmental compliance requirements.
  3. The size and forecast growth of the mining and oil & gas sectors in Australia.

Since first conceiving the idea for a portable washbay and recycle plant back in 2006 the company has grown rapidly year-on-year and now counts many of the largest mining, oil & gas and constructions firms amongst its valued clients all across Australia. In line with this, the size and calibre of the EnviroConcept team has also grown since those early days and today the team has collectively worked on designing and manufacturing over 400 washbays or water treatment facilities in their professional lives.

As a result EnviroConcept now draws upon this immense knowledge-base when reviewing and specifying each and every new wash bay system to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and will meet the clients exacting needs.


Educating Industry….The Move Towards Environmentally-Friendly, Portable Wash Bays

EnviroConcept has been highly active in raising awareness of the significant environmental impacts associated with traditional in-ground concrete washbays (or the total lack of washbays in some cases).

For instance, in the last two years the company has held discussions with over 2400 major mining, oil & gas and construction companies around Australia. This was done to raise awareness of the significant environmental and financial benefits of adopting portable washbay technology as opposed to continuing to use out-dated concrete wash bay construction practices.

In addition to this, the significant financial, environmental and operational benefits of recycling and re-using wash-water as opposed to discharging the polluted water to sewer or letting it soak into the surrounding ground were also explained to the Environmental Managers & Operational Managers of these companies.

Following the successful introduction of above-ground, portable washbay technologies into mining, oil& gas and construction projects around Australia, EnviroConcept is now working with consulting engineers, community groups and mining, oil & gas and construction companies all around Australia to develop customised, environmentally-friendly washbay solutions for over 200 projects that are currently in the feasibility, planning or development phases.


How EnviroConcept Is Cleaning-Up The Mining & Construction Industries

The EnviroConcept mission is to educate every medium to large Australian mining, oil & gas and construction company by December 2015 on the significant financial, operational and environmental benefits of installing above-ground portable wash bays with wash water recycle plants.

As a result, our vision is to see these companies specify at least 40% of all new major projects with a portable, above-ground washbay system as opposed to a traditional concrete wash bay & waste-discharge set-up (or worse…no washbay at all) by December 2018. It is through our commitment to ongoing industry education and consultation that EnviroConcept will achieve this lofty and important goal.

Finally, as demonstrated via the above achievements EnviroConcept is committed and passionate about developing sustainable environmental technologies in the mining, oil & gas and construction sectors. In line with this we are also currently developing a range of related environmentally-friendly technologies which we will be progressively rolling out over the next 18 months.


Want To Know More About An EnviroConcept Wash Bay?

If you need a wash bay or wash-water treatment plant for your site or next project contact EnviroConcept today to find out how we can customise a solution that will meet your operational and budgetary requirements.