Portable Wash Bays Explained

What Are EnviroConcept Portable Wash Bays?

There is no longer a need to construct washbays out of concrete and discharge the polluted wash water into the environment. Enviro Concepts portable wash bays and wash water recycle systems not only provide businesses with a compliant and environmentally friendly option, it also provides product and cost benefits long term.

Enviro Concepts has been developing turnkey washbay solutions and wastewater treatment plants for a decade. It’s range of products are portable, cost effective and environmentally friendly and can be used over and over again, moved from site to site.

Portable Washbay Design

The Enviro Concepts wash bay can be customised by putting its modular units together. Each of the hot-dipped galvanised, structural and portable washpad is 2.4m long x 6.5m wide and they can be put together to create customised size and shape depending on the weight and types of vehicles (or equipment) being washed. Further customisation include steel or vinyl walls, ramps for either drive on reverse off or drive through configuration. Most of our washbays come with a 1.8m standard high wall that minimises overspray and captures the wash water for treatment or recycling.

Benefits of Enviro Concepts Portable Washbay

Most of the Enviro Concepts modular washpads, walls and ramps are manufactured off site and rapidly deployed and installed onsite. It takes only 1-2 days to get everything installed and operational. The speed of delivery and set up saves costs and time as opposed to pouring expensive concrete onsite for building the washbay.

Portable washpads reduce delivery requirements to remote mining and construction sites as the entire washbay system (and recycling plant) can be delivered in one load.

One of the biggest benefits of the portable washbays is that the entire system can be de-mobilised and moved to a new site at the end of a project or commercial lease. The turnaround time required to do so is days instead of weeks that would be taken in moving out and disposing a concrete washbays. The Enviro Concepts washbays can be used repeatedly without any change to the structural integrity of the washbay . One of our clients (hire company) reused the same washbay over 3 locations within the last 5 years moving it from project to project. The Enviro Concpets washbay can therefore become a big asset for the client versus the liability of a concrete washbay.

It has also been established that significant amounts of greenhouse gases are produced through activity of construction of concrete washbays. The carbon emission is multiplied when considering the fact that concrete washbays need to be torn up and disposed into the landfill at the end of the project. A portable washbay eliminates this possibility.

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Benefits of Water Recycling

The Enviro Concepts EL Wastewater Recycling Plant is often proposed in conjunction with our portable washbays to provide a turnkey wash bay solution. These systems are capable of processing and extracting a wide variety of pollutants and chemicals found in wastewater stream of industrial washbays. Wastewater could also include silt, sand, mud, oil and grease, hydrocarbons, detergents, paint flakes, organics, protective chemical coatings and even solvent based engine degreasers.

Historically, most vehicle wash down bays have discharged their polluted water either to sewer or evaporation ponds. Such water discharge systems are now a thing of the past Enviro Concepts provides two options for washbay owners – a state of the art wastewater treatment pre-discharge system or the EL Wastewater Recycling Plant.

Even in remote locations such as central Queensland or north-west Western Australia, EnviroConcept portable washbays and water recycling plants will typically re-capture and reuse around 95% of the water. The end result is that a light vehicle wash bay working full time will on average conservatively save over 500,000 litres of potable water per system per year (9litres/min x 60 min x 4 hours x 5 days x 46 weeks). The Enviro Concpets washbay water recycle plant provides a superior environmental, economic and operational benefits for companies on an ongoing basis.

The EnviroConcept wash water recycle system is containerised and therefore portable. This means that the entire system can be manufactured and fully wet tested offsite at the Enviroconcept factory before being deployed and commissioned with the wash bay.

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