EnviroConcept Wash Bay Equipment

EnviroConcept Wash Bay Features

Since 2006, EnviroConcept has established itself as an authority in the filtration and decontamination industry. EnviroConcept is a reliable Australian owned and operated company providing solutions for your waste water and washing needs and requirements. The mining industry in particular has levitated EnviroConcept into the spotlight with its booming demand for environmentally compliant and efficient wash water systems. At EnviroConcept, we provide high quality, durable and portable equipment that is convenient and easy to use. We are an environmentally conscious company and proud to declare that our equipment is manufactured from innovative, environmentally friendly designs.

Our wash bays and filtration systems can be used to wash anything from cars, trucks, and oversized mining equipment, to boats and helicopters. For effective washing and maintenance of your specific needs, it is recommended that you invest in quality equipment that is environmentally compliant.

Our wash bays and filtration systems are portable units that are quick and easy to install on any site across Australia (and abroad). You are able to set up the units yourself or we can provide installation packages. There is no specific training required when using the systems as it is fully automated.


Client Requirements

We listen to our customer’s needs and requirements and provide a solution that is designed and engineered for effective operation. We understand that site locations are affected by external factors and in some cases are only temporary. This is why our systems are tailored to meet the specific standards required for your particular site. The mobility of our wash pad systems mean you can relocate at your convenience with a fast set up time.



Our wash bays adhere to decontamination compliance, weed and seed hygiene compliance, trade waste guidelines and other water treatment regulations. Our above ground wash pads can accommodate any size and weight range. Our filtration systems are specifically tailored to the level of filtration that is required for your site.

Wash pad design facts

  • Above ground modular systems

  • Portable and durable for long-term use

  • Range of sizes

  • Can accommodate weight ranges

  • Option of side walls to contain over spray

  • Side gutter to collect runoff for water recycling or pre-treatment

  • 5 year structural warranty

  • No permits (Recycling system only)

  • No council approvals

  • No trade waste agreements

  • Fast set up

  • Easy installation

  • No specific training needed to operate system

  • Engineered with galvanized steel

  • Access platforms can be added for taller equipment


Recycling and discharge systems

Recycling systems can be installed on your site as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option to cater to limited water supplies. This system can treat 100% of all wash water captured for reuse. Our discharge system is able to clean wash water through filter procedures in order to adhere to EPA compliance standards when discharging.

At Enviroconcept we do the thinking for you, providing you with what you need, which is why we are known as the first choice for customers. Call us today to receive a free quote.