Mobile Filtration

Dissolved Air Flotation, wastewater treatment

Mobile Filtration and Decontamination

EnviroConcept is the nation’s leading mobile filtration and decontamination specialists, defining themselves through their cutting-edge technology, and innovative, environmentally sensitive designs. EnviroConcept has established itself high in the ranks by providing high quality, cost effective services over widespread industries by catering to varying needs as well as environmental policy. Our mobile wash bays and water filtration systems are custom tailored for efficiency and convenience for a wide range of customer purposes; from heavy car/truck wash-downs to oversized equipment maintenance and more.

Water decontamination is an important process for many companies, industries, individuals and fleet operators when dealing with waste water disposal. In order to comply with environmental regulations and to maintain your specific equipment, it is smart to invest in high quality products that are convenient and easy to use. We can offer you an all-inclusive unit that is portable, reusable and environmentally compliant. We manufacture and distribute all of our units ourselves and can install them in any location across Australia (and abroad).

Recycle or Dishcharge

For your wash bay needs, we have two systems that will assist in your water decontamination objectives. Our water filtration systems are equipped for water recycling and reuse, grease and oil, filtration of solids, organics and heavy metals. Our recycling system is a sustainable option that performs high level filtration procedures in order to clean water to a quality that can be reused again and again. This system is convenient to save water consumption, eliminates the hassle of discharging water and the fees and charges that go along with it.

Trade waste is strictly regulated by authorities all over the nation to protect and enforce the environmentally safe discharge of waste into sewers. This environmental consciousness is designed into our products and we are proud to declare that our systems cause minimal impact on our environment, which means that you will too. It is a feature which you can trust so you have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about regulations and harsh fines. With EnviroConcept, we ensure that water waste pollutants are properly restored for the discharge process through our filtration discharge system. There are many factors that pollute our water supplies which are regulated by environmental protection bodies, our systems can be used for: weed and seed hygiene, chemical application, decontamination, cosmetic wash, chassis wash, wheel wash.

With EnviroConcept you are dealing with skilled representatives and technicians from a trustworthy Australian owned and operated company. We produce, deliver and install on any site location Australia wide for solutions to your waste water and wash bay needs. We value our services in providing tailor made mobile filtration and decontamination facilities that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning vehicles and equipment. Talk to one of our representatives today to assess your needs and receive a free quote. With unmatched reliability, you can depend on EnviroConcept to guarantee solutions to maximise your operational performance by providing mobile wash pad and filtration systems and facilities that are customised to your needs.