Environmental Compliance Issues

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Compliance Issues and EnviroConcept Solutions

Our environment is our most precious resource and we should be advocating its protection and preservation in every endeavour. Sustainability has emerged as a top priority in the functioning of industry actions and regulations are in operation to ensure minimal environmental impact. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have rules and regulations in place to maintain the safety of our environmental surroundings.

Companies across many industries who deal with contaminated water are not following EPA requirements and have to contend with harsh fines. Companies and businesses that are involved with waste water and wash down activities require compliant equipment that is able to filter contaminated water to a level that is adequate for disposal into council waste streams. There are a lot of businesses out there (and you could be one of them) that disposes contaminated waste water back into our environment without any pre-treatment. This improper disposal is extremely harmful to our water supplies and environment, warranting fines as high as $2 million dollars.

EnviroConcept is an environmentally conscious company owned and operated in Australia that specialises in environmentally compliant equipment and decontamination facilities. The company has established itself as an industry leader since 2006, providing clients across a range of industries, quality service in water filtration systems and wash bays. Our shortlisted nomination in the 2013 Sustainability Awards is testament to our innovative technology and designs.

At Enviroconcept we understand the inconvenience that goes along with complying to EPA standards and provide solutions to your needs. We design, deliver, manufacture an all-inclusive unit built for convenience as it is portable, cost effective, compliant and easy to operate.

Depending on your requirements, whether it is washing light or heavy vehicles, small equipment or mining equipment, EnviroConcept will provide you with a tailored solution. Our products make it easier for you to maintain your specific media using our filtration systems and washbays whilst following EPA regulations and avoiding massive fines. The wash pads capture the contaminated waste water after washing, our filtration systems then filter the water to a level of filtration that is suitable for discharge or reuse depending on your preferred filtration system. Our discharge system is a compliant filtration unit that filters the water to an acceptable grade to safely dispose of into sewer connections. Our recycling filtration system can recycle 100% of the captured waste water for reuse. This option is recommended for sites that have a limited water supply or for companies who do not want the hassle of disposing waste water as well as the fees and charges that go with it.

EnviroConcept’s wash bay and filtering systems are a valuable investment. The new-age portable design allows reuse of the unit on numerous sites and can be retrofitted to existing concrete wash pads. Our products are easily available, portable and comply with EPA regulations at completive rates. Our team of highly skilled professionals are able to assist you with your waste water and wash down needs. Contact the team today to get a free quote.