Starting Your Own Car Wash Business

Car Wash Business

For those who are interested in a new business venture and are looking for an opportunity, starting a car wash business of your own is a lucrative approach to cultivating your entrepreneurial career. Car washing is high in demand and people are willing to pay to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles on a consistent basis. Many people do not know the car wash industry reaps in billions each year. According to the International Car Wash Association, washing cars is a $24 billion industry.

EnviroConcept is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2006 and has become a respected authority in the industry. Many companies have relied on us to provide them with solutions to their car wash business needs. We are your ‘one-stop-shop’ in getting your new business up and running as we manufacture, install and deliver our wash bay units for you. At EnviroConcept, we offer you an all-inclusive car washing unit tailored to your requirements. We provide state-of-the-art wash bays and filtration systems manufactured from innovative, environmentally conscious designs that are convenient and easy to use.

Our wash bays are above ground portable units which means they can be conveniently transported if you wish to relocate your services. Our units are environmentally compliant, which means no council approvals or permits are needed. They are made from quality, durable materials and are a cost effective investment that will return high value over time.

Our wash pads are available in a range of sizes and weight ratings to accommodate the many types of vehicles you intend on washing, from cars and Utes to buses and boats. Our modular wash pad designs can also be retrofitted to existing concrete washbays that need updating. Our wash pads are designed to capture the contaminated waste water from washing, and filter it through our filtration systems that comply with environmental regulations.

We have two systems that will assist in your wash down objectives. Our discharge system is able to filter the waste water to a level which is acceptable to dispose of into sewer connections. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the environmentally safe disposal of contaminated water back into our council steams and our discharge filtration system is compliant with these regulations. Our recycling filtration unit is our most recommended system as it filters and recycles 100% of captured waste water for reuse. It is an environmentally sustainable option that is ideal for minimal water consumption, which means low water costs and no discharge fees.

According to the Australian Car Wash Association, water authorities are increasing the charges of water by 20% each year. Our recycling system complies with environmental regulations and can save you money in the long term by minimising water costs and eliminating discharge and council fees.

Our team of highly-skilled professionals are happy to assist you in making your car wash business a reality. Contact us today to get a FREE QUOTE.