Portable Washbays and Water Recycling Systems

Enviroconcept’s Washbay and Recycling Systems

Over the past decade the requirement for in-ground concrete washbays has been replaced by a new portable version. These new portable washbays are designed to reduce the impact on the local environment and allow the washbay to be reused at multiple sites. The portable washbays are designed for easy installation and removal, usually delivered on a flatbed truck with the filtration system mounted inside a shipping container. The systems can be delivered anywhere and setup in just a few hours to have you cleaning your vehicles quickly.
Enviroconcept has built its name over recent years as an authority in portable washbays and water treatment & filtration systems. Our team of experienced staff has continued to develop our products to fulfill the needs of our clients.
Our portable washbay could become one of your greatest assets. It can easily and affordably be moved to different locations, quickly serving your needs to provide compliant wash and recycling services to your fleet of vehicles.

Washbay Systems

All of our washbay systems are designed from our range of modular pads, ramps and walls. The main objective behind the design for these systems is that they must be installed and setup quickly, disassembled and removed quickly and allow for easy transportation. Unlike the old concrete washbays, you are given a opportunity to reuse the same washbay at different locations. These units are useful in remote areas because the complete system can be transferred in a single load.
Our wasbay systems are custom built to handle the equipment that you need to wash. If you are washing anything from cars and light trucks to full sized construction or mining equipment we have a washbay that can suit your requirements and still remain portable. Depending on your needs we also have washbay walls (to reduce overspray), and ramps (to load and unload equipment onto the washbays).

Portable Recycle Plants

The Enviroconcept recycling plant is capable of removing materials like grease, dirt, solids, silt, sand and organics from wash water. Our recycling plants are designed to filter and polish your “dirty” water and make it available for reuse with a pressure cleaning unit or similar. These recycling systems use a combination of mechanical and chemical filters depending on the make-up of the wash water that is entering the system and can handle the filtering and recycling of thousands of liters of water a day subject to your washing needs. Our recycling systems are all EPA compliant and if required we can meet or exceed any of the following water quality standards: EPA, AQIS, DERM or your Site Specific requirements.
Our recycling plants are skid mounted (on steel reinforced skids) or can be delivered inside a container for greater portability. Our containerized systems make for great portability and ease of use, and are the most common systems ordered and delivered.