Benefits Of An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay

Why An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay?

EnviroConcept is often asked by new, prospective clients to explain the benefits of utilising a portable washbay solution. This is a common question as they are used to working with traditional, concrete washbay and wash-water discharge systems.

Listed below are the significant operational, finanacial and environmental benefits you can achieve by replacing your current concrete washbay design with an EnviroConcept Portable Washbay:


Functional Benefits Of An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay

  • Modular, built to last in the harshest conditions and can be tailored to suit any size, load or operating requirements.
  • Minimal site preparation work needed as your entire EnviroConcept portable washbay and water treatment plant is above-ground and can be placed directly on bare, level ground.
  • Operational in a matter of hours and rapidly re-locatable at the end of your project or lease.
  • Maintain your 4WD’s, buses, trucks & heavy equipment in prime condition so your staff and clients are kept safe and are proud to be associated with your business.
  • Galvanised, above-ground steel washpads and galvanised water recycling plant skid mounts for speed & ease of installation, robustness and portability.
  • Win more projects and larger projects by proudly marketing the fact you have invested in an EnviroConcept environmentally friendly, fully compliant washbay with wash-water treatment plant.
  • EnviroConcept has been specialising exclusively in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of portable washbays and wash-water treatment plants for over 7 years. We know exactly what can go wrong if you don’t get it right.


Environmental Benefits Of An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay

  • Compliantly recover, treat, recycle and re-use polluted water collected from your vehicle and equipment washing processes (re-capture / recycle / re-use only applicable to the EnviroConcept wash water recycle systems).
  • Ideal for mine & construction sites, industrial applications and for environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. to help meet your bio-hygiene / quarantine / weed & seed cleaning requirements).
  • Every EnviroConcept above-ground washbay is purpose built, cost effective, robust, transportable and environmentally compliant.
  • Australian owned and operated, supplying nationally to most major markets including tier 1 mining, oil & gas, construction & transportation firms.
  • Highly experienced engineering, manufacturing and installation teams with a proven track record. Numerous portable washbay projects successfully delivered for over 7 years in remote mining & exploration locations as well as city-based industrial locations around Australia.
  • Helps you prevent the spread of noxious weeds, pests, contaminated dust or other associated HSE issues.
  • Your ground crews will no longer need to wash vehicles, 4WD’s, trucks & heavy equipment directly on the ground potentially resulting in costly fines or charges by a local, state or federal environmental agency.
  • Stop transporting and pouring expensive concrete into in-ground washbays only for it to become a liability by having to tear it up and dump it at the end of your project or lease.
  • Compliantly recover, treat, recycle and re-use polluted waste-water collected from your vehcile and equipment washing process.


Want To Know More About An EnviroConcept Portable WashBay?

EnviroConcept specialises in providing quality washbay solutions for mining, oil&gas, construction and industrial clients around Australia. Call us today and ask to speak to one of our portable washbay experts.