Australian Wash Bay Systems

World-Class Companies Buying Australian Wash Bay Systems

Listed below is just a small selection of the high-profile companies that have recently purchased EnviroConcept Wash Bay Systems.

Based on direct feedback from our clients these wash bay systems have been purchased in order to dramatically reduce the upfront and ongoing costs and environmental impact of their vehicle and equipment wash bays.

Recent EnviroConcept wash bay projects:

Leighton Contractors Purchases Two EnviroConcept Wash Bay Systems

Two truck & heavy equipment wash bays with wash-water recycle plants were manufactured, installed and commissioned by EnviroConcept in dual Western Australian locations for Leighton Contractors simultaneously (Dampier & Karratha). These truck wash bays were purchased by Leightons in relation to the Chevron Gorgon project.


Agility Chooses EnviroConcept For Wash Bay Systems

A large EnviroConcept shipping container wash bay with wash-water recycle plant was recently purchased by Agility for their Perth-based yard. This comes off the back of an extra-large pipe wash bay that EnviroConcept manufactured and commissioned for Agility 12 months prior which is used to clean high-pressure gas pipes for the Chevron Gorgon project.


Mermaid Marine Buys EnviroConcept Wash Bay System

A large EnviroConcept equipment wash bay was manufactured, installed and commissioned in the Mermaid Marine Supply Base (Dampier) for servicing their commitments to the Chevron Gorgon project.


Halliburton Australia Buys Two EnviroConcept Wash Bays

Two large EnviroConcept wash bays were recently purchased by Halliburton Australia – both installed within four weeks of each other. One being a heavy equipment wash bay (Roma site) and the other being a purpose-built oil & gas pipe wash bay (Chinchilla site).


Toll Energy Awards EnviroConcept Pipe Wash Bay Project

This project features a super-sized wash bay as well as some of the most advanced wash-water recycle plant technology that EnviroConcept has developed and manufactured to date. The wash bay and waste-water recycle plant is for the new Toll Energy Karratha facility and has been purpose-built to wash oil & gas tubulars (pipes) prior to inspection or post-use. The pipe wash bay and waste water treatment plant was designed to be capable of processing a waste stream containing drill cuttings, casing thread lubricant, tubular coatings as well as general dust and silt.


Based on discussions with our clients we repeatedly receive feedback that wash bays such as those listed above would previously have been constructed using a traditional, concrete wash bay and water-discharge arrangement if they hadn’t been made aware of the significantly more attractive wash bay solutions EnviroConcept offers.


Looking For A Wash Bay System For Your Next Australian Project?

Do you need a wash bay and / or wash-water treatment plant for your site or next Australian project? If so, contact EnviroConcept today to find out how we can customise our wash bay systems to provide a solution that will meet your operational and budgetary requirements.