Washbay Deployment for Mining and Construction

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The Deployment of Washbays for Mining & Construction

EnviroConcept washbays are manufactured as an alternative to traditional fixed concrete washbays. The demand for portable washbays has increased over the years and is now a necessity on many job sites as the permanent environmental impact must be kept to a minimum. We often come across sites where traditional concrete bays are not approved by council and a portable solution is mandatory.
Installing an EnviroConcept washbay can be done in a few hours. Our fully recyclable systems often require absolutely no council approvals as they sit on top of the ground and produces no wastewater.

Mining Equipment

EnviroConcept’s wash pads are designed specifically for the type of equipment that you are operating and your particular cleaning requirements. EnviroConcept’s standard wash pads are rated up to 70 Tonne (per axle) and are still portable enough to fit on the back of a truck and move to a new location when required. If your specific needs are greater than 70 Tonne we can build custom wash pads to meet the requirements of your equipment and location.
Our water filtration system will consistently filter your waste water and purify the water to guaranteed levels. Typically with mining equipment we filter for dirt, grease, oil and silt, although if you have other filtering needs please let us know as we have optional systems that will filter out organic materials, acids, or bases.
The mining industry places heavy demand on washbays. Typically mine sites use their washbays 7 days a week. The excessive dust, solids, grease and oil found onsite can be very damaging to equipment if it is not cleaned regularly. When mining equipment is not maintained properly, it can result in down time which is incredibly expensive.

Construction Equipment

Construction sites can be located in highly populated areas and are often in environmentally sensitive areas as wastewater could easily contaminate freshwater reserves. Even in low density areas local councils are very strict on wastewater run off when washing equipment. See here a local council that levies fines as high as $2 Million for those corporations caught dumping wastewater.

There are significant penalties for those caught illegally dumping waste….. For a corporate body, the penalty can be as high as $2 million. – Port Pirie, South Australia

Cleaning construction equipment is not unlike cleaning mining equipment, however the loads are often not as demanding on the pads or the filtration system. We offer standard wash pads that come in the following sizes (2, 12, 20, and 40 tonne per axle ratings) depending on your washing requirements. We offer fully recyclable water filtration systems that has zero water runoff and therefore will not incur any council approval and importantly no fines as water is not discharged back into the system. We also offer discharge water filtration systems that will meet council requirements and EPA approvals on wastewater discharged back into local systems, these systems however do require council approval before installation.