Wheel Bath System

Wheel Bath System

Wheels tend to attract more debris than any other parts of a vehicle. This is especially true for big trucks that deliver a lot of powdered or granular materials, and also those around construction and green field projects where dirt and mud are in abundance.

The main issue is generally pollution to the environment in the form of dirty or streaky roads, stones and mud being spread on to public roadways among other issues. More often than not, truck drivers are tight for time and pressured by employers and so manual options for getting out of the truck to clean down the tyres is simply not going to happen.

Fortunately, companies like Enviro Concepts have formulated a new and innovative way for maintaining the cleanliness of a truck’s wheels. So simple in design with little setup or preparation needed, the popularity of this innovative wheel bath is rapidly growing.

Some of the most notable benefits include the following:

  • It does not make use of a water sprayers for cleaning the wheels meaning low technology meaning less breakdown or maintenance.
  • The wheel bath cleans the wheels through the truck’s movement along the length of the grid. This minimizes the amount of water that is wasted from overspray, as well as the amount of pollution to surrounding area.
  • This minimal water waste means more cost effective solutions when water supply costs are forever increasing.
  • It has no pumps and so does not require any electrical power, which is an aobvious cost saving in electricity use, but more so the establishment concerns and ongoing maintenance.
  • It allows drivers to save time by not needing to exit the vehicle, but instead driving through the WHEEL BATH and continuing about their business within a minute or two.
  • Portability is one huge advantage of Enviro Concepts wheel bath Designed specifically in a modular fashion, for complete portability. No longer do customers need to purchase a Wheel Bath for every site, demolishing them on job completion. Most Wheel Bath’s can be dismantled and relocated within 24 hours. This means storage between projects is also made simple.

All these benefits go directly to truck drivers, neighboring properties, and business owners.

A special add-on to the Wheel Bath is the Rumble Grid. In extreme cases where caked on mud can cause premature dirtying of the bath water, a rumble grid provides a pre removal process using the grid  to effectively knock off the mud and dirt from the truck’s underside even before it reaches the water-washing portion. The biggest advantage to this process is that it prolongs the water’s cleanliness so that it can be reused for cleaning several trucks before needing to be refreshed.