Construction Site Wheel Wash


The Wheel Wash is one of the most effective solutions for construction sites where environmental regulations do not allow trucks to leave the site with contaminants and dirt and drag in on to public roads. When planning projects, it is possible to manage risks by installing control measures. As a rule, various sediment interception and control devices should be installed. Installing a Wheel Wash with a Rumble Grid will prevent dirt from being taken off site and save costs and time in instituting road sweeping.

Compliance Regulations

In Australia, each state has its own Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), however they have the same vision and objective when it comes to preventing impact on the environment. The Environment Protection Authority have strict regulations about washing sediments and contaminants from wheels and underbody of trucks before they leave the site. In wet weather, it might even be necessary to get mud off the wheels. Some sites have multiple exits and at all points where vehicles leave regularly, the wheel wash and rumble grids are required to be installed.

The Truck Wheel Wash System

There are some important reasons why a Wheel Wash is the preferred option for construction sites. Enviro Concepts is a leader in modular, above ground truck wash bays. We produce industrial and commercial grade truck wash systems for all kinds of businesses across Australia, from mine sites, construction sites, agricultural or manufacturing facilities to truck wash businesses. Our truck wash bays and our wastewater treatment plants clean and process mud, dirt, oil and grease, fertiliser, weeds, seeds and treats the washwater to be compliant to discharge to the council sewers.

In construction sites or remote locations where the truck wash bay can’t be manned and there is need of an automatic solution, the Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash is used. The Enviro Wheel Wash has an automatic sensor and it starts the wash as the truck enters the system. Before the truck enters the wash area, the added Rumble Grid shakes off the access mud and dirt from the wheels. Upon entering the wash, the automatic sprays thoroughly clean the wheels and the underbody of the truck before it can leave the site. The Wheel Wash has the capacity to wash 1000 trucks or more in 8 hours.

Recycling Option

When selecting the automatic Wheel Wash, you must make sure that all processes are compliant. One of the best ways of make sure that you are compliant in treating the wash water from the Wheel Wash is to add a recycling plant. It not only helps you with council compliance, it also provides you with a source of clean water, especially in remote areas where there may not be a fresh water supply. The EL Recycling Plant is often paired with the Wheel Wash to provide our clients with a complete solution.

Use a Simple 3-Step Process

To meet environmental regulations of your construction site, you must focus on 3 things:

  1. Wheels are washed before the trucks leave off site
  2. The process of truck wash is a compliant
  3. The wash water is treated properly so that it meets council laws.

If you would like to find out if the Wheel Wash is right for your business, please contact us for a free consultation.