Wash Bays for Bus Wash

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How you maintain your fleet and present it to your client has a major impact on your business. Your presentation has to be consistently up to standards and the vehicles need to be in quality condition so that your operations can keep on running smoothly. As a bus company, your buses are your major assets. You need frequent wash downs to protect your vehicles from the damaging effects of dirt and road grime.

Enviro Concepts offers wash down bays and equipment that make it extremely easy to maintain the presentation and service of your fleet. Our state-of-the-art bus wash bays and filtration systems are manufactured from innovative designs that cause minimal environmental impact. Our equipment is compliant, modular, convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use.

All wash bay systems need to comply with EPA regulations. We have two different filtration systems that will suit your wash down water treatment needs.

Discharge SIOS Filtration System

Enviro Concepts Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) systems are designed to remove suspended solids, and oil and grease from wash water. This skid-mounted, modular system can be installed quickly for your bus wash and it will filter your wastewater and make it compliant for discharge.

The SIOS system collects the wastewater from the wash pad gutter or inground sump and puts it into a solids interceptor tank to settle most of the suspended solids.  The clarified wastewater then gravity flows to the oil water separator to remove oil and grease. This effective process produces treated water that can be sent to the sewer for discharge.

Visit our DOWNLOADS page to get a copy of Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) and Oil Water Separator specification sheets.

Recycling Filtration System

Enviro Concepts provides our clients with a recycle option as well, where the treated wastewater is taken forward through further clarification process in order to be recycled and reused in your facility.  Our recommended filtration system for bus wash is called EL-100. It has 5 stages of filtration for the wastewater treated and our Process Engineers can recommend the best stage for you based on your wastewater quality. Recycling filtration systems should filter 100% of all wash down waste water captured and prepare it for reuse over and over again.

For EL-100 specification sheet, visit our DOWNLOADS page.

Our Above Ground Wash Bay Solution

Enviro Concepts is an industry leader for above ground, environmentally friendly, modular wash bays. Our wash bays are designed to handle large vehicles such as buses, trucks and even heavy mining vehicles. It is therefore easy for us to customise our wash bays for any type of applications including school transport buses, tour buses, promotional buses, private hire vehicles, articulated buses and coaches. For more details, read our bus wash page.

The Winning Combination

The winning combination of our relocatable, modular, above ground washbays retrofitted our filtration system (either for discharge or recycling the wastewater) is a perfect solution for companies running a fleet of buses. We are able to cater to your fleet whether you have 10 buses or a 100. We work around your challenges like lack of sewer close by, lack of water supply near the wash bay, or if you are renting the facility, the ability to relocate the washbay easily to your next location.

For more information or questions on your bus wash bays, contact us.