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Enviro Concepts offers a range of high quality and durable vehicle wash mats that are used as portable vehicle washbays. We provide light and heavy duty spill mats. These wash mats are perfect for catching oil and fuel leaks, drips and spills from equipment wash and vehicles that are being serviced and cleaned.

Spill Mats and Wash Mats

Our easy store spill mats capture spills when storing vehicles, parts and machinery. They are manufactured using a high temperature resistant welding process that ensures leak tight joints. Our clients can choose from the standard 600 GSM or heavy duty 1350 GSM. Chemical resistant wash mats are also available.

The standard wash mats start from 1.2m x 1.2m all the way to 8m x 5m. However, the mats can easily be customised with variable lengths. They are hard wearing and versatile and can be put together for heavy larger vehicles like buses and trucks. The bund walls are made from encapsulated, compressible, closed cell foam. This allows vehicles to drive on and off easily.

The lightweight spill mat can be used to store small cans, drums, etc or to protect service personnel when servicing under vehicles.

Wash Water Options

The wash down water can be removed from the wash mat with portable 12-volt submersible pump kit that we can provide as part of the package. The wash mats can be paired with a wastewater treatment system, including our SIOS wastewater treatment discharge to sewer option or the EL Water Recycling option, making the washbay compliant.

If you would like to enquire about spill mats for your business, contact us for a free estimate.

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