Enviro Concepts in Australian Mining Review

Australian Mining Review, Wash Bays

Enviro Concepts was featured in The Australian Mining Review with a feature on Vehicle & Machinery Washdowns. Enviro Concepts has installed hundreds of modular wash bays and wastewater treatment plants at mine sites all across Australia. The feature showcased examples of our customised wash down bays.

All mines in Australia have stringent requirements for wastewater treatment and generally wash down bays. For example, for a client, we built modular 30T per axle wash pads assembled within a couple of days to be used on client site to wash B-Doubles & Triples, Graders (CAT140), Loaders (CAT988) and Dozers (D5 & D7s). The wash water had heavy mud, sediment, oil & grease. The HV wash bay was paired with our SIOS (Solids Interceptor Oil Separator) System to filter the wastewater to a minimum basic level before discharge.

The washpads were structurally strong made of hot dipped galvanised steel and the wash bays was built to withstand rough, daily use of the washbay and harsh weather conditions.

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